Top 10 Ways To Improve The Pokémon Series

Wild Gunmen writes: The Pokémon games are fantastic, and helped make Nintendo what it is today, but we all know there are some things that need to be changed!

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CherryJul2669d ago

Hey now girl Pokemon Snap was amazingly fun! ^^

toaster2669d ago

Yeah I know lots of PILFs.

Blaze9292669d ago

1-10: How about just ending it? Sheesh. Started my Pokemon quest in 1991 and STILL yet I haven't been able to "catch them all." Starting to think I never will be. How many times can I do the same thing. Love me some Pokemon but damn!

BldyShdw2669d ago

@ Blaze...


"Pokémon(ポケモンPokemo n?, English pronunciation: /ˈpoʊkeɪmɑ ːn/, POH-kay-mahn[1])is a media franchise published and owned by the video game company Nintendo and created by Satoshi Tajiri in 1996."

Not saying you're lying but if you have a time machine, I want in on it :)

Ducky2669d ago

He was the original Ash.

The actual pokemon story was based on his 5 years of journey as a pokemon trainer.

Blaze9292669d ago

sorry, didn't mean 1991 - clearly not as that was the year I was born :-/

ThanatosDMC2669d ago

I say fatalities... just saying.

NecrumSlavery2669d ago

MMO...come the hell on nintendo. Let you create a character and roam a huge world with the hundreds of pokemon in it, catching them and battling them. heck even let us create our very own unique pokemon at the start that we can always have on hand. that would be cash as hell. I'd even love a DS only mmo. But if it goes on console..I am there.

RedDead2669d ago

3rd person Action RPG. Just think of the potential with pokemon. Some are fast on the ground(pikachu) some can fly :P. With the same sorta free roam as the current ones. Maybe even a bit more open

Crake2669d ago

I actually liked Pokemon snap better than the regular RPG pokemon.

But joining team rocket would be awesome

Aaronvir2669d ago

Childish looking Pokemon don't bother me. I loved back when they resembled cute little animals. Nowadays, it's like a random assortment of spikes and bullshit. I hate new pokemon. In fact, I have everything new. 90s forever!

TransferMePlease2669d ago

+1 on the not cool new pokemon

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The story is too old to be commented.