Confirmed :Stranglehold Demo for PSN

A Midway Games Community Moderator has just confirmed a Stranglehold demo which is set to hit PlayStation Network this week among the regularly scheduled PSN updates Thursday.

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LeShin3639d ago

Cool, looking forward to playing this.

TriggerHappy3639d ago

PS3 Owners will finally get a taste of Stranglehold. This is what decides the game value for you. Purchase ? Rent ? Ignore ?

I wish they would do this for all games, release a demo at least.

LSDARBY3639d ago

Good stuff, i wanted to check this out.

howdogetaname3639d ago

Will this be avalible for the EU? Or just USA as usual with news like this!

ISay3639d ago

set up a us accoount if your that worried about it

Priince-KhaliiF3639d ago

Nice finally a good demo on psn :S

But Fifa 08 would be NIICE!!!

felidae3639d ago

they should bring more demos to psn

-_-_-_-_-_-_-3639d ago

beats me...

btw, I was wondering for a long time already...your avatar, what is that?

PS360PCROCKS3639d ago

I am going to go out on a limb here but I think Microsoft since they charge for Xbox Live they use some of those funds to pay developers to take some extra time and make a's logical right?