Cosplay Spotlight: Morrigan (Dragon Age: Origins)

It takes a brave soul to embark upon a journey of recreation and a braver one still to wear such a costume. Armor and spandex is grand and all, but some of the most difficult projects may not require all that much fabric at all. For some, this is no solace. It’s a game of love and hate with the wild witch Morrigan of Dragon Age: Origins, but Stravalon of Cosplay proves she has the sand to strut her stuff and- well, damn it. She struts it well.

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jaredhart2514d ago

Awesome Cosplay + a pretty hot girl!

She pulls it off!

8thnightvolley2514d ago

surely would jizz on that shyt.

inveni02513d ago

This is the hottest cosplay girl I've seen thus far.

Bolts2513d ago

It seems that you got 4 disagrees from people who would not want to "jizz on that shyt" though I'm not entirely sure why.

presto7172513d ago

@ Fanboi

I dont know, maybe its because not everyone sees an attractive woman and thinks " I would jizz on that shyt"

Dirty mind much??

toaster2514d ago

Epic side-boob is epic.

Shuklar2513d ago

Inner side-boob at that!

CrzyFooL2514d ago

Pretty hot? Dude you must have high standards. That girl is a Piece. Of. Ass.

Also the cosplay is first rate. Looks just like her.

Lightsaber2513d ago

yeah it one of the best likeness I've seen

tacosRcool2512d ago

Yes! Hopefully Morrigan will come back for DA2 and there will be more hot chicks co playing them!

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Hitman07692514d ago (Edited 2514d ago )

Morrigan rocks!!! Did you put Vampy Bit Me in this??

hottest Morrigan ever!!

dkblackhawk502514d ago

Lol...that is ....................hotness lol

Sigmarue2514d ago

I heart Linda Le, but she hadn't done this cosplay yet.

Bolts2514d ago

This thread and article is full of win. Finally a welcomed break from the GT5 flame fest.

ThanatosDMC2514d ago (Edited 2514d ago )

I like this kinkiness:

Nice find Hitman.

CrzyFooL2514d ago

Wrong Morrigan lol. But I approve of Vampy. Great googley moogley.

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KingNintendoFanboy2514d ago

Hope those belts were on sale.

Sigmarue2514d ago

I think I just went gay for this girl. Wait. No. Yes. Don't look at me.

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The story is too old to be commented.