Wii2 – For and Against

Nintendo must lead the charge into the next generation of gaming consoles – this much is certain. While Microsoft and Sony place bets on different forms of motion control styles, Nintendo is surely looking at advancing the market even further – looking for the 'next big thing' that will take concepts established by the Wii and put Nintendo even farther ahead of the competition.

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GLoRyKnoT2666d ago

Against sorry ! despise nintendo ! always have.

ChickeyCantor2665d ago

Yes give into your issues!

matey2665d ago (Edited 2665d ago )

For i mean nintendo gets hate off graphic whores thats it and graphic whores are the minority end of its only cross platform games that look worse any hows and thats only because pubs like EA are making the wii look a joke but anyone with half a brain can see the wii is capable of graphics on par with 360 its a fact because considering devs are not pushing the wii even 30% when u look at Galxy2 graphics and SSBB graphics its clear to me that wii can deliver amazing graphics in 480p look at Last story it looks on par with ps3 graphics and the legend behind the game that also did alot of AAA games on ps3/360 said in an interview u can put Last story next to ps3/360 and there is no difference and i have to agree as well as Conduit 2 it looks like Halflife on steroids and it runs at 30fps-70fps what 360 shooter runs at 70fps i know none look Kirbys epic yarn won best graphics at E3 2010 on all platforms why its textures are some of the best in video game history the wii can deliver graphics on par with 360 if devs invest in the wii hardware even Sony said on N4G that the psp can do graphics close to ps3 google it thats my point the ps2 did graphics close to ps3 in some games the gamecube did almost exact graphics with rogue squadron 3 ect core graphics dont have nothing to do with clock speed u just add that with the pixel pipelines to get ur pixel fillrate the wii/360/ps3 all have 8 pixel pipelines