Some Cool Call of Duty Black Ops Emblems and how to make them.

Check out these cool emblems for Call of Duty Black Ops and how to make them yourself. For more emblems check out our website.

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CombineElite2458d ago

What about those cool swastikas?
just joking!!

Digitaldude2458d ago

People should make their own...

BattleAxe2458d ago

I've got an emblem that shows that I'm a true of the best :D

ilikestuff2458d ago

im proud of my smilie face devil

Trunkz Jr2458d ago

lame, I wanted to see something like that batman one being shown =/

hay2458d ago

Take a closer look at the batman logo. Noticed anything... Different?

Gawdl3y2458d ago

The bottom is not symmetrical.

davidmccue2458d ago

The Batman emblem can be seen on the website as well as more.

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