Gran Turismo 5 – The PS3 Attitude Review (part 1)

PS3 Attitude writes: "Gran Turismo has always been on a different plateau from its competition; that is not only other racers but just about any game, in any genre. It’s unique for its impressive sense of scale, polish, authenticity, depth and class. Yet, while that is its history, we’re in a different era now; so does this racing Tour de force still deserve to be revered, or is it time we sent Gran Turismo packing, to join Pong at our local gaming museum?"

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A Cupcake for Gabe2788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

This is a very thorough read. Very in depth. I know it's from PS3attitude, but it doesn't kiss any butt or leave anything out(only part one still) It tells you everything that you will experience about the game and is clearly written after a good amount of time spent with it. The greatr is in here, and so is some of the not so great.

They refer to it as a Racing Role Playing Game(RRPG). I agree. You are growing as a race car driver. You are learning to drive countless amounts of cars, and learning to love the art that comes with driving these machines.

I hear a lot of complaining about the things that make GT unique. I personally think that if you get out of the mindset of what every other racer is, you'll learn to appreciate this game. It isn't just a racing game, but a passion simulation for the automobile. I encourage all of you out there to at least experience the love that Kaz has for cars. He has poured his heart and soul into this game. Not every car is a speed demon, not every track is designed for epic crashes.

But once who get behind the wheel, some what figuratively, you will understand the liberation that comes with GT5. It is unique and it is also sad to see such comparative reviews, especially when many reviewers have barely scratched the surface of what GT5 is. It is Director Kaz's wishes that everyone have a freedom when driving in GT5, and I hope that you realize it is not only a driving sim, but some what of an automotive life sim.

Echo3072788d ago

RRPG describes it very well. This is truly an epic racing experience.

NecrumSlavery2788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

Well said +bubs

People are losing the passion and trading it in for the big penis in todays games. Adam Sessler said it best in the last Soapbox. The heart is here in GT5. I wish more people can see it. I hope that people will share Kaz's vision and love for the automobile. I am not a big car guy, but I am learning a lot from GT5 about cars and it's exciting.

dc12788d ago

+ Bubs to you as well.
I have to pace myself with this game to ensure I get to bed at a decent time. What's more surprising is that I'm absolutely loving the B-Spec component. (I have extreme hot and cool headed drivers) ... and its a good way to earn some extra credits/cash and cars.

AKS2788d ago

This guy clearly spent more time than a lot of those other reviewers playing this game. I enjoyed his comments, including his criticisms. This is probably the first review of GT5 I've read that accurately reflects my own experiences with the game thusfar. I'm glad he's going to do this in parts and isn't rushing things.

hetz152788d ago

This is what I call a good and thorough review.

AKS2788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

I have a quick comment about driving from the cockpit view in weather.

Check out what it really looks like inside the WRC pros' cars during a race through snow:

The skill level of guys like these is off the charts. You should try driving a few of the rally cars through show in the cockpit view just to get a glimpse of what these guys do.

And another vid showing you a hood view of driving wizard Loeb working his magic. All those people being so close and taking pictures would freak me out. One false move and they are going to be roadkill. Through thick fog, too! LOL.

A Cupcake for Gabe2788d ago

yes! driving in the weather like rain or snow, and at night is really crazy. it's very hard to see so you have to stay on your game. have you ever drove in the rain and turned off your windshield wipers?

SpartanPrince2788d ago

That is by far the most thorough review that I've read for GT5. The reviewer went through everything in detail(LIKE HE'S SUPPOSED TO) and even made some snide comments about other reviewers rushing. I can't help but think that he took his time to review this game after seeing the backlash from gamers on other reviews but this is easily the best one-cant wait for the next one.

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