A Glimpse of PS4 On PS3 240hertz Gaming Is Real HHGS 11/28/10

1. Max Payne 3D Bullet Time Unlike You've Ever Seen
2. Kinect: Star Wars (Controller Scanning)
3. Vanquish - 10/10 Unbelievable Detail In This Game
4. D-Block's Sheek Louch And Bully Guest Stars On The HipHopGamerShow

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InfectedDK2455d ago

HipHopGamer is so awesome

Pehdahosman2455d ago

Umm what are you talking about bobby kocktick isn't the star of hiphopgamer

T9X692455d ago

@Major Jack Hoff

No, Bobby Kotick is 100% pure douchebag.

Longrod_Von_Hugendon2455d ago

So how many here would talk that shit they're typing to HHG's face? lmao! Not one!

Zeevious2455d ago (Edited 2455d ago )

Actually 'Rod-Von...I would...and have, directly to him.

I don't care where he is now...he lost his way getting there.

I remember one crap article after another.
I remember one tabloid sensational headline after the next.
I remember how Hip's site and show changed after the ad-money came in...and not for the better.

I have said this to his face....and would do it again, because it is the absolute truth. To me, in my opinion it's called S E L L I N G - O U T the principles you started with, when you find out your trash sells better than your craft.

His site, and he are not a credible or respected source for me...for all the reasons -- that he has only himself to blame for.

kaveti66162455d ago

", in my opinion it's called S E L L I N G - O U T"

You're right. He should be doing all of this for free. /s.

Do you have a job? If so, you're a sellout.

You give people your time and they pay you for it.

Zeevious2455d ago (Edited 2455d ago )

BULL Kaveti...

We all know what SELLOUT means, and it has nothing to do with a job.

Hip' used to have a reputable view, with a decent, deserved respect...

THIS VERY TITLE proves my point, and I can point you to how many others just like it? You know this, and the only reason you are taking this stance is because I've personally called you out on your own issues here.

You don't like me...and I find you of no importance whatsoever, so I guess we're even.

A misleading title making you think he's actually seen a development version of the PS4 isn't example enough that just what I have said is true?


That's someone, in my opinion, that's sold out to get more ad-hits - more money -which all equals- less-integrity, respect, and credibility.

Don't like it? Too bad. It's my opinion, and from his own titles, also seems to be the truth.

I don't even have to prove it...Hip' proves it for me, with each and every misleading, tabloid title...just like this one.

Next time...choose to defend someone who actually deserves it -- Without titles leading you to believe he's played a PS4 just to get the ad-hits.

He's singing his own choir & chorus for me! LOL!

My opinions are my own, and for me they are always right.
For you? Well, I'm sure your too busy "Going Galt' to matter.

Game-ur2455d ago

Vanquish is a great game, it's as long s any FPS campaign, but the replay value is crazy, beatting hard and taking on the tactical challenge is as satisfying as the challenge of demon souls.

EeJLP-2455d ago (Edited 2455d ago )

240hz the future? It's called PLASMA (600hz), get off that weak LCD.

Red_Orange_Juice2455d ago

HHG is awesome, deal with it, lmao

baker_boi2455d ago Show
Ares84PS32455d ago

He sucks ass.

Always the flamebait lies and shit he makes up.

Worst "journalist" ever.

JsonHenry2455d ago


I would if I had a valid reason. But then again, from the looks of him I am twice his size. It is always easy to talk shit to someone smaller than you. Especially when you are carrying a KelTec 9mm in your back pocket where most people think you have wallet. :)

kharma452455d ago

Plasma's aren't 600Hz, that's the sub-field drive refresh rate.

They only reason that number is touted is to make it seen to be competing against LCD's with their big refresh rates.

frostypants2455d ago (Edited 2455d ago )

HHG is no worse than sites like Eurogamer. Actually, he's less biased.

Hate him all you want, the guy has built a successful site and following. Sh*t sites like and *wish* they were as successful, and HHG gets a lot of jealousy-fueled hatred.

I don't always agree with the guy. I don't think his stuff is as well produced as it could be. But I respect his effort and success.

"Sell out"? Gimme a f*cking break. That's a term used by lesser people to rip on ambitious people. If building a business is selling out, so be it.

This guy will be on G4TV before the dust settles.

DaTruth2455d ago (Edited 2455d ago )

""Sell out"? Gimme a f*cking break. That's a term used by lesser people to rip on ambitious people. If building a business is selling out, so be it."

No, that is a term used by people with values still intact to describe people who have dropped all their values! A person who keeps their values at the expense of personal success is better than a person who is very successful and harms others!

What you're saying is akin to saying an ambitious murderer for higher is better than a hard working lower class Joe. If so, you are what's wrong with this world!

Just look at the global economic crisis to see what your "ambitious people" have wrought!

Zeevious2454d ago Show
Axecution2454d ago


xD Killzone 3 graphics? It would take a lot more than that to get me to buy a PS4... A PC could technically do that if i wanted it to and was rich enough and liked playing with a mouse and keyboard in lossy sound.

I quite enjoy my 7.1 PCM on a TV with a PS3 controller on a console though. :)

PS4 can wait. I really truly hope a PS4 isn't announced for at least another 5 years. I could see a new XBox and a new Wii soon enough, but i dont think the PS3 needs a successor just yet.

Zeevious2446d ago (Edited 2446d ago )

Offensive Truthyness


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deadreckoning6662455d ago (Edited 2455d ago )

10/10 for Vanquish? Hiphop...I understand quality > quantity, but don't gamers deserve quantity AND quality?

Btw, Happy Birthday. I heard about it on the Warzone. Your one of the few gaming journalists that willingly takes fans into their personal life and regards the fans as equals.

BrianC62342455d ago

HipHopGamer said he gave Vanquished a 9 since the graphics were good but not great. And then he played it on a 240Hz HDTV and switched it to a 10. If that is enough to push Vanquished up a whole number on the score I guess he better redo every review and see how every game looks on a 240Hz HDTV. Does anyone on here have a 240Hz HDTV and if you do does it really make that much of a difference?

BlackBusterCritic2455d ago

@Brian, 240Hz HDTVs are definitely pretty, but I think the only difference is the refresh rate and clarity of scaling. Sometimes it feels like too much information is being forced into your eyes. I really felt eye strain.

blackmamba7072455d ago (Edited 2455d ago )

10/10 for Vanquish is nonsense and beyond ridiculous, dude you can finish this game in like 5hours and there is nothing left to see, it's cool and hip, looking great but there's no real value, it's not a rollercoaster like Uncharted 2, it's not even close

so HHG if you want to build some credibility - cut that crap, because it sends a message "pay no attention to this"

Biggest2455d ago

A 240Hz TV definitely changes the way things look for the better. The refresh alone makes upscaled movies look very close to HD quality. Games and movies alike move with more fluidity. I wouldn't upgrade the score of something because of it. The game didn't make the TV.

BrianC62342455d ago

Thanks. I remember when 120Hz came out. For most things people turned it off. It was mostly meant to improve fast action sports back then. I wonder if 240Hz does a lot more than 120Hz did? Or maybe it was just the early 120Hz TVs werent very good.

Ares84PS32455d ago


It matters somewhat but not as much to push a game up a whole point.

But deffenatly looks better.

frostypants2455d ago (Edited 2455d ago )

240Hz makes a BIG difference, but it also adds input lag (technically "output lag" would be more accurate), which for some TV's can be at a level unacceptable for gaming, especially online. But the benefit is it creates the illusion of a MUCH higher framerate (it uses motion interpolation to synthetically create intermediary frames). So much so that it will make movies look like live TV, i.e. the "soap opera effect".

I leave it off for most games.

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aceitman2455d ago

so kinect will start bringing in controllers so are they going to change u are the controller ad ...

raztad2455d ago

My next TV set is gonna be 3D capable = 240HZ. I'm looking forward to try non 3D games with "MotionFlow".

Zeevious2455d ago (Edited 2455d ago )

You may not like that effect with games, it's really just different brand-names for "anti-judder processing" for film/blu-ray playback.

My TV has 240hz processing but if MotionFlow is referring to anti-judder processing, that's different when used for gaming. Some people like it, some don't with movies.

It's definitely something you want with 3D though because it provides a crystal clear refresh with absolutely no flicker!

When you get your 3D TV, take a look at some of the newer, cheaper glasses that can be universally used, and auto-adjust their refresh rates and sync to your TV.

There are already some out now, and more coming next year for even better 3D game and movie support!

Pretty impressive, especially at sizes over 50 inches.

pat_11_52455d ago

Why do people watch this crap... seriously why.

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Balt 2455d ago

240hz is overkill -- 120hz makes everything look as if it was shot on a camcorder from the 80's, why would we expect anything less? But, once again, you prove your queenly ways, drumming up absurd headlines to get people drooling over something they'd probably wanna turn off anyways.

Don't know about you all, but if I'm watching a motion picture, usually filmed in (24fps) -- I don't like seeing it displayed in 120hz, let alone 240hz. I just turn it off from the start.

And where'd that picture come from, your toy collection by your night light?

Fishy Fingers2455d ago (Edited 2455d ago )

"120hz makes everything look as if it was shot on a camcorder from the 80's"

Are you sure you dont mean simulated 120hz, when your TV takes a 60hz feed and simulates it at 120hz.

If not, what are you using thats even giving your TV an actual 120hz feed?