Official PS3 Bluetooth Headset 2.0 Review

Platform Nation: : From the author's usage of the headset so far, Heiznerater (the review author) believes that it is a very high quality headset. This is both in physical construction and the sound. The actual headset is pretty solid and seems like it should last for as long as the battery life will. The quality of the speaker was awesome. People’s voices were crystal clear and this is due to the High Quality mode. This mode enables “better radio-frequency interference rejection”. In layman’s terms, it sounds great! The mic is very responsive as well. It was picking up everything I said without any hitches or hiccups. The only issue the author has with the quality of this headset is with the ear clip. For some very odd reason, the ear clip seems really cheap and flimsy. It just doesn’t seem to be the same caliber of the rest of the headset. It’s a minor complaint, but still should be addressed in the future

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C L O U D2701d ago

Looking good, the ear clip issue I totally agree on.

Jaces2701d ago


I'm glad there is no discomfort, my PS3 headset I have now puts my ear in a raging pain after maybe an hour.

That and my kid chewed off the rubber piece that's supposed to fit in the ear. >.>

Plan on getting this asap

Rumor2700d ago

lol the dude's controller isnt even on :D love u sony u pay the mentally disabled to watch pre-screened gameplay and pretend they're playing the actual games.

Kon_Artist 2700d ago

i got the new one,the ear clip feels low quality

-Alpha2701d ago (Edited 2701d ago )

2.0 eh? I might pick this up, these are quality headsets.

Lol, nice ad. But how are they chatting when playing COD Single Player? Cross Chat? :O

RememberThe3572701d ago

SPOILER! Crosschat in the next firmware update! I saw it implied in an ad so it must be true!


SasanovaS19872701d ago

quit spreading rumors. take his bubbles, tired of this garbage

Microsoft_Spokesman2701d ago

@disagrees for sasanova comment, he was being sarcastic you turkeys!

Rage_S902701d ago

alpha male is the king of n4g no 1 takes his bubbles

blumatt2701d ago

I could care less about cross game chat. I want a universal party system. That's more important than cross game chat.

metsgaming2701d ago

i rather have auto sync for trophies more than xgame chat.

RememberThe3572701d ago (Edited 2701d ago )

I completely agree. x-game chat is far less important then just being able to stick with your friends.

@sasan(above): I was joking buddy, calm down.

outwar60102701d ago

well id rather have a full catalogue of ps2 games on the psn store rather than ps1 games seriously wtf

-Alpha2701d ago (Edited 2701d ago )

Can't we have all of this?

Cross Chat is very useful for anyone who sends messages in-game.

Sending Messages:

-is more time consuming
-breaks gameplay experience more
-is slower

Cross Chat:

-is faster
-doesn't break gameplay as much
-you can chat more and faster

It's a great feature, and it's clear why it's the most asked by the PlayStation community.

im-12-years-old2700d ago

@ blumatt

it's "I couldn't care less"

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Derekvinyard132701d ago

could be talking on the phone. BTW when does this come out?

visualb2701d ago (Edited 2701d ago )

no...just chatting using stock footage of COD:BO because they couldn't get MP footage =P

don't worry alpha, its ok to dream!!! =´D!! (it will come one day)

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beavis4play2701d ago

i love the original version. i'm not a hardcore online player, but it's a quality headset.....i'm sure this one is as well.

BiggCMan2701d ago

Yea I just bought it last month, and I am very satisfied with it. Shame this one was announced only days after I bought it :/ Otherwise I would have waited to get this one.

visualb2701d ago

I was about to buy it, might wait for this one if its not much more expensive =O how is it? I heard it has problems being blue-tooth and all.

would love to hear ur verdict. its seriously one of my xmas list purchases =P

Microsoft_Spokesman2701d ago

@Biggcman, I'm sure you can easily return it...

electricshadow2701d ago

Cool. I'll pick this one up when my original PS3 headset stops working. This one looks a lot sleeker. I just hope it doesn't start to hurt your ear an hour later. That's the only complaint I have with the "1.0" headset.

NegativeCreepWA2701d ago (Edited 2701d ago )

Any earphone that sets inside the ear makes my ear hurt after awhile, looks like this one will do the same. Good quality mics though, except for the lack of noise cancellation, which it says the new one has.

Genecalypse2701d ago

chat while charging what?

KwietStorm2701d ago

You can do the same thing with the first model.

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