Sonic Team responds to fan uproar over Sonic 4 Physics

GamerZines writes: "Sonic Team producer Takashi Iizuka has responded to the uproar caused by the physics featured in Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1.
Fans were horrified to find the long-awaited return of a classic Sonic the Hedgehog title was marred by unfamiliar physics which slowed the old hog down considerably."

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Balt 2758d ago (Edited 2758d ago )

What I find stunning and a little off putting is when he completely avoided the real concern by saying "We added things like celling running" -- Almost implying they opted to do away with the original (what really worked and we all loved) game-play in favor of a hone attack and ceiling running (which I have yet to even see in 3 complete runs of the game).

Thanks, Sega. Means a lot.

Yi-Long2757d ago

... but after all these years, Sega FINALLY releases a new Sonic platformer, fucks up the gameplay for who knows what reason...

... and it is pretty much demolished by a fan-project by a few people, which looks a thousand times better, and plays better as well....

Sega really should get their act together. How can they publish this Sonic 4 when a couple of fans make something WAY better from their basement or whatever!?

darkcharizard2757d ago

Sonic is finished. Too many new franchises now doing better than it.

Kurt Russell2757d ago

It could have been revived with this title though. I think Sonic 4 is what finished it. I never got beyond the demo it was so pap

Trebius2757d ago

I agree 100%

I downloaded the demo very excited.

The feeling of Nostalgia hit me at the beginning with the old "SEEEEGAAA", I was at the edge of my seat.

I started the game, and RIGHT AWAY, I noticed the controls just didnt respond the same way as it did on the old school Genesis games.

He had a very heavy feel to him...not like in the original sonics where he was very easy to control.

HolyOrangeCows2757d ago (Edited 2757d ago )

Just release Awesome Possum 2 already, lol. It would probably be better than any crap Sega can come up with these days.

N4g_null2756d ago

Sonic colors on the wii is actualy good. Hd guys got the wrong game.

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multipayer2757d ago

I think sonic colors for DS is actually much more fun to play, sonic doesn't feel like he is pulling a wagon in it. Its not exactly true to the original either, but you win some, you lose some.

JsonHenry2757d ago

People can just never leave well enough alone. They did the same thing to my favorite franchise of all time, Command and Conquer.

When CnC4 hit I was quiet possibly the angriest gamer to have ever lived. But it turns out it wasn't just me. The whole series might go MIA for years to come just because they screwed it up so damn bad.

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Titanz2757d ago

Who doesn't trust Sonic with that finger?

dirthurts2757d ago

Now that you mention it, I do feel a bit uncomfortable now (tightens belt).

multipayer2757d ago

Hold on, he is just going to check your prostate in .001 seconds. Haha, just kidding he'll take his time...

AwesomeJizz2757d ago (Edited 2757d ago )

How come Sonic Team still listen to their "fans" - people that hate on Sonic games continuously and then give lame excuses to why?

@Below, man quit the crap.
We both know that you're gonna hate every game they release! Just because it has "Sonic Team" in the splash screen.
"The fan made one is great" if you're talking about that 5 minutes demo then you can't possibly compare it to a full game.

JacobIsHollywood2757d ago (Edited 2757d ago )

They don't listen to anyone, obviously.

Sonic 4 is an abomination!

How hard is it to give us more levels EXACTLY like Sonic 1, 2, and 3?!?

That should take a month...tops. These guys are absolute morons!


- The physics slowed Sonic down. (Duh!)
- The platforming was guesswork. You had NO time to react to upcoming enemies.
- The daytime levels from Sonic: Unleashed were pretty fun! Why ruin it with a cheap action game?
- Even in Sonic: Adventure there were RPG elements...but they were stepping stones...not primary gameplay.

We want fast!!!

The fan-made one is great!

Edit: Disagreeing? Explain why. Do you want slow Sonic? By all means...enjoy slow Sonic. I'm not losing sleep over it.

LeShin2757d ago

I disagreed with you and I'll explain why: I'm sick of hearing about these so called Sonic fans complaining that Sonic is always meant to be fast! I've played every Sonic game (apart from the ones on Wii) and I can tell you, all of you guys are wrong! Sonic has ALWAYS been about platforming first, speed second! Don't believe me? Go play Sonic 1 or Sonic CD right now and see if I'm wrong. Sonic 2 was the fastest though even that had slow levels where you had to take your time. One website hit the nail on the head, Screwattack. Go and see this and become educated:

In fact I take it back, Sonic 2 isn't the fastest Sonic, Sonic Unleashed is! Go and see the speed runs on youtube on the daytime stages and ask yourself has Sonic ever been that fast?

BlackBusterCritic2757d ago

@AwesomeJizz, Sonic 4 was a disgrace to gaming. Sonic can STROLL straight up a VERTICAL WALL. That's the same shitty physics that was seen in Sonic 06. The game heavily relies on the Homing Attack and that takes away all the challenge. The game is actually: Homing Attack the Game, guest star: Sonic.
But Sonic Colors is cool. Nothing to really complain about there.

Karum2757d ago

I have Episode 1 and there have been times where I've felt Sonic was indeed a little bit slow meaning some situations seemed more difficult to get out of than was necessary.

I don't really regret buying it, but it hasn't inspired me to buy Episode 2 when it eventually comes out.

JacobIsHollywood2757d ago


Have Platinum make the next Sonic game.

Kamiya would make Sonic fans crap themselves with joy! After all...he did the only game to win GOTY two years in a row! Viewtiful Joe FTW!!!

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