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RPGs: when one thinks of this genre, they immediately of big, burly knights slaying dragons with swords and magic, or over-effeminate, brooding anti-heroes with large weapons and even larger attitudes. There have been some variations on the concept, but never to a scale quite like what I've been experiencing over the last few days.

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Shazz2606d ago

excellent review especially way he says its like a racing rpg , very true

Fore2606d ago

The first 10/10. Nice.

InfectedDK2606d ago (Edited 2606d ago )

No def. not the first 10/10 lol

GT5 = Racing sim RPG

No you cannot say that.
The 10 is there to be used.
What if none cars had custom cockpit? You would not have thought about that when giving the score. Well there's no stealing cars in it too. Where do you wanna take your statement?

2606d ago
AndrewRyan2606d ago

It does not deserve a 10/10. In theory nothing does. He should of gave a 9.9 score. I mean come on there has to be flaws in every game, for this I would say that there is no custom cockpit for each car.

morganfell2606d ago (Edited 2606d ago )

IGN gave GTA IV a 10. They said,

"A "10" is not a score we give out very often. In fact, the last time we gave a 10 to a console game was Soul Calibur in 1999. A 10 doesn't mean a game is perfect -- it means a game is pushing boundaries, expanding a genre, and doing many things to a level so far above and beyond its competitors that they overshadows any flaws."

I think GTA IV is a little above medicocre. In my book a mediocre game would be a 5 and GTA IV would get about a 6. My top title of all time, MGS4 would get a 7.5.

But since the rest of the industry doesn't grade that way it's good to see someone else decide that GT5 will be graded on the same scale and not be the one game they decided to pull out the nitpicker to grade.

raztad2606d ago

It is "odd", how comes our friend N4PS3G didnt submit this review?

Hey N4PS3G, how did you skip this one? is there a problem with the score? perhaps a little too high for ya?


Racing RPG is very apt. GT5 is a japanesse game.

Vesemir2606d ago

It's not the first, neither the third 10/10.
I think I have seen six or seven 10/10 scores, but some of them aren't listed on Metacritic site.

Fore2606d ago

@Vesemir Do you see 6 or 7 10/10 scores here?

No, i didn't think so

cereal_killa2606d ago

@Vesemir Do you see 6 or 7 10/10 scores here?

Fore you do realize that metacritic is a joke right? they put only certain review scores on there site, they've even removed certain multiplat review scores from one version to give the other version a higher score. Metajoke is a fanboy site that gives the Muppet's on here the flamebait crap they need to be a 1st class troll.

Boody-Bandit2606d ago (Edited 2606d ago )

Fore and all you other haters just keep on HATING. Here I just bought another keg of haterade. Belly up to the bar boys. The drinks are on the house!

GT5 consumers could give a shit what this game gets from these lame reviewers. Most of which barely played the game more then a couple hours. GT5 is the pinnacle of it's genre. It is flat out amazing and a masterpiece.

Nitpick and pray more ignorant sites pop up out of no where to rate this game any way they think it will attain them hits. This is bar none the best racer I have played in years and without question the best I have played on a console this generation.

There is so much variety and diversity in this one game. My freaking wife played it for an hour and she hates video games. That is how good this game is.

I will be playing this game for ages.

BTW you know how good this game is?
It's so good hundreds of troll accounts and blog sites were built just to cry over it. Just stop already haters. Buy a PS3 and join in on the best racing sim to grace a console in years! We will gladly make room on the bandwagon for you all.

ShinMaster2606d ago

Dude, Metacritic even counts scores from EDGE and Anonymous sources.

Game-ur2606d ago


He's busy using every search engine too look for "7" score reviews, just give him and his friends time.

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Vesemir2606d ago

@Shazz: In other words, he's saying this is an intelligent racer game.

Too bad that nowadays I see many intelligent games getting mediocre review writing.

Optical_Matrix2606d ago

@Morganfell...thats how you know IGN is biased lol. If thats their definition of a 10/10 game then why isn't GT5 getting a 10 from them? It pushes the genre not only in visuals but in content. Even the game design (RPG like) is unheard of in the genre and yet the game lands an 8.5? To each their own, but I still find it kind of strange. It's as if GT5 has been graded on a completely different set of rules and standards to other games.

skrug2606d ago

Most PS3 exclusive are graded on a different dimension of rules

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kissmeimgreek2606d ago

5 mil first week? Are you serious? What game has sold that much in its first week (this gen at least). Oh and Forza 3 is around 3 mil. last time I checked :)

Ares84PS32606d ago

CODBO sold 7mill day 1.
GTA4 sold close to 5 mill day 1.

Those are the two that I know of.

2606d ago
Optical_Matrix2606d ago

Lol Halo has...I'm sure Call of Duty has too. I think GT will hit around 2.5/3 million for the week. 5 million or maybe even 6 for the year.

Ares84PS32606d ago

10/10 is not.....

I'm a huge PS3 fanboy and was excited for this game as any but as soon as I installed it which took 45minutes instead of the 30 it said it'll take I was let down by the graphics of some stages and the cars as well. It didn't look as good as it was advertised and the whole screenshot taking is BS because when you take the screenshot it makes everything look much better than it actually is.

raztad2606d ago

You know when I see semi broken games like Fallout 3 and Fallout:NV scoring 10s and 9s I know for a fact GT5 deserves a 10, regardless "the graphics of some stages and the cars" (I'm guessing you are talking about standards, PREMIUMS are out of this world).

DigitalAnalog2606d ago (Edited 2606d ago )

*wrong opst

bennyace2606d ago (Edited 2606d ago )

How dare you say something negative about GT5. Don't you know you're not allowed to do so here! LOL

I really can't understand why people are so surprised that GT5 gets some average reviews. The fact is that the premium cars look great but the other 80% of the cars look pretty average and are ports from GT4. Imo just that, deducts a couple of points from the reviews. I would settle for less cars but with all of them having all the options of the premium cars like: Different views including cockpit view ans all. Even if the cockpits would've been generic, I wouldn't have mind. And damage modeling also for all the cars. I feel that, somehow the fact that the damage modeling is done in a way that you have to get to a certain level before getting it. Is a way to hide one of the game's problem since they ported cars from GT4. I don't think it's because you can't handle the damage at the begining of the game. Yet, everybody seem to think that this is the greatest idea of recent years in car sims games! Really? Not to me!

I believe that since only 20% of the game is "new" and in terms of having ALL the features. This takes away some points.

I don't want to offend anyone here since most are VERY sensible on the GT5 issue. But I try to remain objective here, and see what I like and what I DON'T like about the game. That's all...

DigitalAnalog2606d ago

"I don't want to offend anyone here since most are VERY sensible on the GT5 issue. But I try to remain objective here, and see what I like and what I DON'T like about the game"

I will give you the benefit of the doubt, despite saying something like this:

"I really can't understand why people are so surprised that GT5 gets some average reviews. The fact is that the premium cars look great but the other 80% of the cars look pretty average and are ports from GT4."

Did you REALLY believe that was the sole reason why GT5 lacks in score? Maybe you have forgotten about the "poor damage" and "poor AI" excuses countless average reviews seemed to point out. Points that are actually proven FALSE!

You see, there is a difference between giving an "average" review and a LYING one. So tell me, how can you defend reviews, if they're not giving you the proper details of the game, let alone a SCORE?

-End of Line

bennyace2606d ago (Edited 2606d ago )

By the way I'm not defending anything here. I'm just saying how I felt when I put the game in my PS3. And what some of these reviews are saying, I find that some are that far from what I think of the game. My jaw didn't drop to the floor and I was not that impressed tbh.

I'm sure I'm not the only who felt like that, even if most won't admit it, after hearing that GT5 was going to make other driving games look like Mario Kart and it was supposed to have over 1000 awesome cars which was double what "the other game" has! How many times have we read that here on N4G. From people who, in my opinion, are not more reliable than those reviewers those same people call "biased".

I wasn't expecting to get only 20% of new cars in the game, no matter how awsome they look and they handle. I'm sorry but after all the time that went into developpement it's not enough in my opinion.

I respect your opinion but in a couple of months, when all the dust has settle we'll get a better picture of how GT5 really is. I can understand that for most of the GT fans that waited all this time for this game to finally come out, they don't like hearing anything negative about it. And as soon as a review comes out giving anything lower than an 8, everybody's jumping and crying foul.

But reviews are opinion, just like our opinions here on this forum. But if GT5 stiil remains at 85-90% average on 90+ reviews I think that it will be a good indicator of the game. And by the way, aside from GT3 (which was the best one in my opinion) that's what GT game have averaged in terms of scores so far.

bennyace2606d ago (Edited 2606d ago )

Sorry. My mistake. GT games have averaged over 90% except GT4 and GT5P. GT5 will need a couple more 90-95% scores to reach over 90% average. But we never know... Not a lot of reviews have been in yet

Three_Sisters2606d ago

"I installed it which took 45minutes instead of the 30"

I hate it when guys says will be installing the game only once (unless you deleted it), not every-time you select GT5 in your XMB...

I'm already happy even with the long installation, because its so great that Polyphony Digital has achieved such graphical/technological achievement and they are still being able to bring the game this generation...I really thought that if you don't want such long/big installation, you should wait the next gen console on which streaming data from the disc will most probably way faster that you don't even need installation...

ALICE6662606d ago (Edited 2606d ago )

great review! well deserved score.

I love this game so much. Also so poor now because of it lol.
GT5 game check.
320gb slim check. (ps3 60gb phat died on the day.) :(
G27 check.
Racing seat check.

Years of drifting 1000+ cars on trial mountain priceless. (for me anyways)

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