ORION: Prelude - New XBLA / PSN / STEAM game

Like dinosaurs? Like jetpacks? Like Mechs? Then you'll love ORION!

As promised (and delivered early!) we are back to poke out heads out and deliver you on what we had promised - the Director’s Cut Trailer! This is a technology demonstration that was presented at London's EuroGamer event. It simply shows off the back end of the game and displays the real time game environments in motion.

It is time for us now to crawl back into our developer holes and continue chipping at away! Do not worry - we still have a few updates planned for the rest of November.

Make sure to visit our company website. We are going to be launching the new community section soon. Make sure to register your account as we host a lot of un-seen content and will be taking beta applications through there.


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