Kinectimals - Xbox 360 Kinect Review by Brash Games

Let me introduce you to my newest friend, T-Pain. I met him in the forest and he's the most loveliest, snuggliest, lovable scamp in the world! I just want to hug him and squeeze him and run through the flowers with him laughing and dancing all day. My name is Henry Osadzinski, I've been playing Kinectimals and I couldn't feel more awkward right now.

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T9X692792d ago

What?!? 8/10.

Another BS review, they should have played the game longer and got Skittles to level 40 before making such judgments.

A Cupcake for Gabe2792d ago

That's a blantant troll remark and that is why people here do not like you.

Parapraxis2792d ago

You must have been rockin' this game all weekend huh T9X69.
Kinect FTW, can't wait to see what 2011 bring us hardcore 360 gamers!

HelghastDrake2792d ago

If the reviews for this game isnt blatant proof that anything 360 gets good reviews no matter what, then i dont what is.

hoops2792d ago

It's all one major conspiracy! MS pays the entire planet for reviews! THE HORROR...THE HORROR

Parapraxis2792d ago

It's great as an "animal simulator" but fails to be a great game.

sofocado2792d ago

My daughter love this game. I think is a solid 8/10