Which Black Ops Wager Match Is Your Favorite?

Which Black Ops wager match is your favorite? We Got This Covered takes a look at the various matches and discusses the question.

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thegreatest78842671d ago

Sticks and stones is my favorite

T9X692671d ago

Agreed, best wager match IMO.

INFECTED5032671d ago

Gun Game is probably my fav. not big on them all together but its ok

avroth162671d ago

Gotta go with gun games

Doctorofreality2671d ago

Got your back here buddy..sort One in the chamber is SICK, but gun game comes pretty close.

It's better to go between the two IMO, but sharpshooter can seem like a really annoying normal FFA at times. It seems a little forced to me. Sticks and stones is awesome though...good way to practise with the tomahawk....BANKRUPTED!

TheHip142671d ago

Tie, love both gun games and one in the chamber

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