OXCGN’s James Bond: Blood Stone Review: Bizarre’s Final Mission?


"Is it a Goldfinger or an Octopussy?

James Bond is about fast cars, weaponised helicopters, silenced guns and rocket launchers, and so it is in James Bond: Blood Stone, MI6′s 007′s new adventure on X360 and PS3.

Blood Stone is developed by Bizarre Creations and published by Activision. Bizarre Creations are reportedly in real trouble, as Activision is now considering selling the company due to low Blur sales, but other companies are circling with hopes of taking their staff, meaning that this could be Bizarre’s final game."

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BadCircuit2668d ago

It is nice to see that the James Bond Franchise actually has some more games that aren't based on movies, so the story is not predictable if you have seen the movie.

gaminoz2668d ago

With MGM going under Bond's future is looking very uncertain, but the film reboots have been so succesfull, surely someone will want it.

And now Bizarre looks to be in real trouble too...

gaminoz2668d ago (Edited 2668d ago )

"I’d like to point out that there are very few shooters (or even games on 360 and PS3) that carry less than a MA15+ rating these days."

Well put. Of course most younger gamers end up playing the gory violent games no matter what (which is what gets anti R18 people here in Oz going), but it would be nicer to have some shooters that don't focus so much on it so parents have some games they can get younger gamers that aren't Pokemon or Kinectimals.

At least Bond is one of those.

Proeliator2668d ago

Hmm, I was looking to pick this up, but didn't think it was worth the US$60.

gaminoz2668d ago (Edited 2668d ago )

Probably not worth full price, but worth playing if you like Bond at all. Would have been worth full price if there was local multi with slappers and paintball modes :) and bots!

XboxOZ3602668d ago

I agree with the lower board rating for younger gamers, we need more of them, as this is a perfect example of what can be achieved, without the added adult gore and or over-the-top violence.

It's a fun-filled typical Bond game, packed with lots of explosions and such-like, perfect for all audiences really.

Of course 'hard-core' gamers will bitch-n-moan, as they always do unless something is perfect, which nothing is of course, but get past that, and this is just great 'fun'.

Perhaps not worth full street-ticket price, hopefully some publishers will begin to drop AA titles down atad to make them more viable for the general market??

One can only hope.

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