Wager Matches Put an End to Noob Tubes and Super Kits

Paul writes, "In the founding days of online multiplayer first person shooting with titles like Unreal, Duke Nukem 3D, and Soldier of Fortune players had to find weapons on the map. There were no classes. If you didn't know a map as good as the next guy you'd have to learn pretty quickly. Once everyone in a room knew the map at hand the games became true contests of skill..."

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Hitman07692760d ago

Oh hell naw, noob tubing that's my ish! JK Lol, I too miss the old days of FPS games before they implemented "run in with whatever" class based system, lame.

CrzyFooL2760d ago


You have no idea how nice it is not being tubed all the time like in MW 2.

God Bless black Ops. Ok maybe that's going too far.

God bless Chuck Norris . . . yeah, that's better.

meiamsome2760d ago

bros, they lied tho, they said they would remove the quickscoping and they didn't!

but i have to say it's great tehy are taking steps to improve the online experience i just feel dirty being lied to pre-release about the quickscoping and dual psn id sign in...

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