A Big Microsoft Mistake?

The so called console cycle sees new generations of machines released approximately every 5 to 6 years, but having a production life of around 10 years. So the generations overlap. This enables the platform holder to have a two model range at different price points, an older, less expensive, model and a newer, more expensive, model.

Sony launched the original Playstation in December 1994 and followed it with the Playstation 2 in March 2000, yet they kept the original Playstation in production till March 2006. So for 6 years they were selling both machines. A few months after stopping production of the original Playstation they launched the Playstation 3, in November 2006, and they were back to having a two model range. The Playstation 2 is still selling massively well worldwide, and so it should, it has about 4 years of production left to run.

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Shadow Flare4116d ago

...just because its anti-microsoft?

It doesn't have to be news, its just an interesting article. I'd rather read something like this then 'Here's another screenshot comparison!!!"

Dareaver14116d ago

this is not news, but since we are on the topic, who wants a ten year old system, No one wants a ten year old PC. PC's have almost caught up with the 360 and PS3, why would i want it to last more than 5-6 years. I don't want some outdated system. That's like saying that serious gamers right now want a PS2 more than any other console. I used to have PC envy when they were coming out with games like HalfLife 2 and such, and all i had was my XBox (original). They tried to put it on there but it didn't work so well. In the next COUPLE of years the PS3 and 360 will be outdated, do we really want to hang on to them for 8 more years after they have been seriously outdated? Rhetorical question!

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mighty_douche4116d ago

lol how has someone managed to disagree with you? lol xbox fans are soooo fun, they bash anything slightly ps3 negative, some one writes an informative article and its all 'THIS AN NEWS'!

tplarkin74116d ago

That debate was already argued when Microsoft announced the 360. There was nothing new added to that old debate in this article.

rbanke4116d ago

So are they disagreeing with you that your nephew just got a ps2 or that he is happy? Or, maybe they are just disagreeing that he had a birthday!
coughithinksomepeopledontgeth owthedisagreesystemshouldworkco ugh

TheMART4116d ago

That's because there are so many PS3 fanboys in the poster section, approving all dull PS news and reporting even the best 360 stories.

I ask all XBOX 360 users to get to poster status, do the question list and approve 360 stories also. And keep those dull Playstation PR that's not news worthy off the site when PS3 fans keep approving that.

Would be better balanced then it is now. Check the most active users on this site... The top is allmost all PS3 fanboys...

jackfatal4116d ago

man get a life!! because this is not normal life that all ur time spending on bashing ps3!!
dont u have other things to do????????
ok ur xbox360 is the best in the universe!! happy now? can we finish this BS??

reaferfore204116d ago

Obviously a lot of people want to buy a PS2 or they wouldn't be outselling everything else that's on the market. I mean, it's not like they're still making pretty much all the third party games for it still. The only games they've released for the regular Xbox is Madden and NCAA.

lawman11084116d ago

WORST ATRICLE EVER...............

Snukadaman4116d ago

his personal opinion...jesus how is this news people...if it was pro xbox360 i would be saying the same thing...get your minds out of this fanboy bias bullshit and open your eyes too the big picture sometimes.

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Rageanitus4116d ago

1)Creating faulty hardware,
2)They dont plan to support the 360 for a LONG time
3)Less emphasize on worldwide market

_insane_cobra4116d ago

"2)They dont plan to support the 360 for a LONG time"

I'd say 7 years, as they've suggested in the past, is long enough.

tehcellownu4116d ago

exactly the 360 is designed specifically to crap out on is goin to kill the 360 by next year..

sak5004116d ago

I dont care if they support it for 5 or 6 years. Their support via upgrading the machine and providing better quality games, online services etc then its rivals is better than getting support of ps3 for 10 years and the games which are next gen come in last 2 years of its cycle while the whole time sony pushes it as bluray player. We've enjoyed next gen gaming for almost 2 years, which you will be doing in another 3-4 years time. BTW just piked up Bioshock for 360 can't wait to try it out.

Captain Tuttle4116d ago

The PS2 is holding the PS3 back...why should developers and gamers take a chance on an expensive new platform? And the worst part is, with the PS3's relatively lackluster sales Sony can't afford to stop selling the PS2. They're caught in a trap.

khellendros14116d ago (Edited 4116d ago )

I think their marketing is very sound. Sony decided to keep a low cost very very good system longer in development. The reason was so they could offer consumers a cheap alternative to their more expensive PS3. Sony is at a crossroads. They want to offer a system that could stand the test of time for 10 years, but to do so they had to offer a system that was high in technological breakthroughs. The problem is that it's expensive, but that won't always be the case. Of coarse they want to sell consoles but they are looking at long term like 10 years not 3 years from now. They don't want a machine that matures in 2 years and then for 7 years the graphics look the same. They want it to mature over the lifspan.

SmokeyMcBear4116d ago

haha turtle.. maybe you should try a comparison. Its kinda like saying the psone held the ps2 back. Take a look at the numbers buddy, the ps3 is mirroring the sales of the 360, and I mean spot on, looking at launch of each console. Take into fact that the ps2 is outselling both the 360 and the ps3 on a consistent basis, with a wide margin. And that ps2 is basically all profit man, the cost for producing those things is almost nill now. I think sony knows what they are doing.

uxo224116d ago (Edited 4116d ago )

Sony knows that the PS2 is selling well and would be stupid to stop selling it. They also know that their fanbase for the PS2 is huge, however what they didn't plan for was the the PS2 fanbase would be content to NOT buy the PS3 because that are fine where they are. (the ps2 fan is NOT necessarily a PS3 fan.) The PS2 may not be hurting the PS3 as bad as most people think simply because, those who haven't upgraded probably weren't and aren't going to anyway. I mean otherwise why wouldn't the PS2 fanbase buy the PS3 and use backwards compatibility to play their PS2 games. This would give them the best of both worlds, they would be next gen and they would still be old school.

The problem is, the PS2 fanbase are not who Sony thought they were. The hardcore Sony fan has purchased a ps3. The casual fan are content right where they are. If sony stopped selling the PS2 right now, they would have to shutdown their entire console segment, because they would go broke.

I mean, come on, what other industry continue to make older products 5 years after they have made it's replacement. Parts and service yes, but the full sku hell no. IMO Sony's model is flawed from a business money making standpoint. For those out there the think Sony care about the little guy and wants them to have a system, they are wrong, just like MS, Sony is in the game to make money. Try getting something from Sony that they don't necessarily have to give you and you see how much they care.

Bloodmask4116d ago

from long console lifecycles are the manufacturers bc all those systems are seeing a profit on hardware finally. Now that PS3 is here Ps2 will most likely get EA sports games and Movie licensed garbage. Once in a while a good game or 2.

All of the focus is shifting to PS3...PS2 will just get the scraps. I think the Wii is changing the consoles lifecycle though. It is lower powered hardware at an affordable price....and selling like wildfire. I don't see it stopping.

DTClown4116d ago

Scraps like God of War 2....yea, real scraps there!

uxo224116d ago

Did you read his entire post, he did say "Once in a while a good game or 2"

Rooftrellen4116d ago

I doubt the Wii will change much, but it may rope the majority (either Sony or MS need to join to get the makority, since their's only 3...) into going with the 5 year lifecycles Nintendo has had since the NES.

In 2011, Nintendo will likely release a new console that will be cheap but overcome the next MS console (assuming a 4 year cycle for the 360, as it was for the xbox) that would have come out in 2009 and the PS3, only halfway though its lifecycle, in power.

Nintendo may very well hit the sweet spot between releases to get a strong foothold before MS can strike again, and after the PS3 has been around for 5 years and ends up looking "bad" compared to the technology available at the time.

It depends fairly heavility on the time MS releases their next console and the price and advancement of technology, but if it falls right, Nintendo will get a new console out at just the right time and perhaps standardize console life cycles, again.

MaximusPrime4116d ago

before PS3 was launched i actually said to my workmate that "Microsoft is making a big mistake releasing it early, they need more time. Remember, Sony made a big mistake when they released PS2 early, too."

Now after hearing so many reports of xbox 360 failures, Microsoft is losing alot of money.

Sony took a risk delaying PS3 a year later. Now PS3 are available, PS3 experienced just 0.01% failure rate.

zenkai4116d ago

PS2 wasn't released too early because Dreamcast came before.

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Kenshin_BATT0USAI4116d ago

Edonus keep n mind that just because people are covered it doesn't mean its not a problem. Its not like people get the red ring in a middle of a game and are not pissed, I would be pissed if that happened to me.

Sure coverage is nice, but I rather have them fix the problem instead of just repairing and sending it back just to have it break on me again later.