RipTen Review: Dead Nation is Zombie Killing Awesomeness

Housemarque, the Finnish developer who created Super Stardust HD, does it again and creates another successful PSN shooter. This time taking us from the far reaches of space to the dilapidated blood-stained zombie apocalypse of Dead Nation.

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Balt 2645d ago

Of course it was an awesome review because it was glowing and never brought to light any faults at all. Why wouldn't that review be awesome to the person who's been on pins and needles waiting for the game in anticipation?

Neckbear2645d ago

Sadly, you are right.

People like to read what they WANT to read, after all. If something dares to defy their almighty logic and knowledge, you'll just see complaints everywhere.

CrzyFooL2645d ago

Good game is good.

Psn needs more solid titles

Balt 2645d ago (Edited 2645d ago )

And sadly -- This site is full of those people. Everytime I see a poster with 1 or 2 bubbles I automatically know they're the one's with common sense. When I see idiot posters with 20 bubbles that stretch across the screen I know, automatically, that they're world is filled with two way mirrors and lots of fairytale books on their night stands.

I don't need 10 bubbles to get my point across. Give me a bubble or two -- I can say what I need to with them and move on. It's better that way.

CrzyFooL2645d ago

I dunno about that. Some people with one or two bubbles are just trolls lol. I'm sad I have three - and sadly, it's made me think twice about whether or not I want to defend my position on topics. I mean, nobody likes to lose bubbles.

BYAAHHH2645d ago

Sad but true. In all honesty I don't see what's so awesome and different about this game and Dead Nation and Zombie Apocalypse.

gaden_malak2645d ago

I'd hate to interrupt this jack off session but get over yourselves.

Game-ur2645d ago


Kid you just made yourself look stupid, if you actually read the review you will find he did point out the negatives, and even wrote them in big red letters for trolls like you.

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ThanatosDMC2645d ago

Damnit, how come they're playing it and im still waiting?!

jaredhart2645d ago

Killing Zombies never gets old.

mrv3212645d ago


UP2645d ago

what are you the Dead rising two hippie

yess2645d ago

They should have thought about that, before becoming zombies...

All_4_One2645d ago

Yes! Another raving review. I can`t wait to download this beast on Tuesday.

CrzyFooL2645d ago (Edited 2645d ago )

I wonder if this will sell more copies than I MAED A GAEM WITH ZOMBIES IN IT!!!!1 on XBLA? That shit cost $1 and the guy who made it made like $300k from sales.


I really liked the review, went into great detail to highlight the many strong points of the game and it helped to paint a clear picture of how amazing the game is. Day one for me.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2645d ago (Edited 2645d ago )

The game is already out, I didn't notice because of Gran Turismo 5.

Probably I will get it, $14.99 sounds good for an excellent game.

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The story is too old to be commented.