The games they tried to ban

Wherever you find videogames, controversy can never be too far away. Whether it's Medal of Honor working government ministers up into a lather or Call of Duty getting people to do morally questionable things in airports, it's not too hard to find a story that will have certain people wailing about how games are the spawn of the devil.

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NotChrisHansen2734d ago

football manager 2005? really?

Kurt Russell2734d ago

That's one of the more understandable if you follow the politics in the background.

femshep2734d ago

mass effect....but then they played the game and were like this is amazing and pokemon?

King-Leonidas2734d ago

cos everyone knows it was banned everywhere lol

gamerdude1322734d ago

Ah, this is a hilarious article. Helped make the start of my day that much better.

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