Guardian: Gran Turismo 5 Review #2

Five years in the making – racing fans have had a long wait for Gran Turismo 5. At the game's launch in Madrid on Wednesday its creator, Kazunori Yamauchi, explained to the Observer the connection between the long gestation and the rationale that drives him: "There is quite a gap between just completing something and perfecting it…" GT5 was not to be merely about the brute simplicities of gaming.

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ryuzu2793d ago

GT5 - so good they had to review it twice....

Although the review is already wrong since it claims there is no performance point limit, when, in fact there is ;)

Why can't reviewers keep up anymore?


thereapersson2792d ago

They can't keep up because if reviewers played far enough into the game, they'd realize they would have to give the game a better score than the internet will allow.

GT:5 -- a game that gets better with each successful race. If we followed the schedule of video game reviews, we'd see GT:5 reviewed 3 or 4 times before it actually gets a score that has some substance behind it.

DORMIN2792d ago (Edited 2792d ago )

LOL can't wait for review # 3!

MNicholas2792d ago (Edited 2792d ago )

and neither is any review but this reviewer, at least, understands and successfully conveys the sheer technical achievement of this game.

Unlike the clowns at IGN and others.

From the guardian:

"Using cockpit view – the first of the genre to really, really work in detail and playability – the racing line disappears in the rain, opponents in a wall of spray in front, while through the rear window a mist of brakelight-tinged red mist obscures everything. Weather and time differentiation have never been done better."

"Then there is the physics, with exemplary modelling (in full, impressive, 3D if you have the requisite kit). A real feeling of being in control of a heavy, powerful machine is conveyed, particularly under braking. Cars can be differentiated purely by how much the back end slips out and how they perform turning-in when lunging toward an apex. Attention to detail – with any amount of assists and under-bonnet upgrading and, of course, set-up tweaking – is so extensive that GT5 simply demands to be played with a steering wheel for the full experience."

And he explains how to enjoy the full benefits of the game:

"The "experience" lies at the game's core. Levelling-up and unlocking tracks and cars is central to the game and, although enhanced by special events, be warned, as a labour of love the designers will not let you just jump straight into a muscle car; the time they spent will now become yours…"

hoops2793d ago

Because no matter what they say about GT5 unless they say it's perfect, they will get bashed.
You cannot criticize GT5 in any regards even if it's just.
The irony is, REVIEWS are one persons opinion. Who cares what they think???? If YOU love the game, that's all that matters. To hell with what these people think.

ryuzu2792d ago

This is a publication which claims to report fairly and accurately on the news and in this case offers a review of a product.

Is it too much to ask that they get their factual information verified? Of course not - that is part and parcel of professional journalism. It should be expected the article is factually correct and this one is not.

However, like all the others, this is still a very positive review for GT5 with some misinformation in it - I guess you didn't read it though.


ExPresident2792d ago

I'd hardly say that the majority of any game reviews anymore are a persons opinion which many of them are going very high or very low to draw in hits, accepting payments for quality reviews etc.

The biggest issue with these GT5 reviews as that so many of them include blatantly false information, with the most obvious being the lack of damage.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2792d ago

" the single most jarring omission, the absence of mechanical damage affecting performance"

Are we still going on about this nonsense?

Vesemir2792d ago

The guardian reviews sells products.
IGN reviews don't.

This review is positive, although there are some minor errors.
Well... If you analyze, the guy is giving the game a 9.9/10. Enjoy.

Dark-Cloud2792d ago

if you want to review a game you have to put facts not opinions ! most reviews now put opinions and compare other games to it and still troll !!! it's good to compare other games but why they lie !!!! why they troll ?!! they didn't even play half of the game !! ..

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