PSXExtreme: Gran Turismo 5 Review

A crowning achievement. After some initial confusion and disappointment, we quickly realized this is an utterly stunning and comprehensive product.

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MVGeneral2610d ago

"How do you review a game like Gran Turismo 5? To be honest with you, the more I play the more I come to realize this is an extremely frustrating review to write, and I'll explain. "

Looks like IGN took the easy way out and only played an hour of it.

Vesemir2610d ago (Edited 2610d ago )

Yes. They're not professionals.
Even the simplest of games cannot have a honest review in only one hour of gameplay.

Dr-ZOOM2610d ago

Scores like this one I will never understand..

Why not just give it a 10 wtf?

irepbtown2610d ago

I wouldn't give any game a 10 because there is always room for improvements. GT5 looks stunning, But somewhere there will always be a 'Could have done this' or 'That should be this' etc etc.

Dont get me wrong, GT5 in my opinion is the greatest racing game, But every game has room for improvement.

Because nothing is Perfect.

CryofSilence2610d ago


Read the review and you'll find out. They also reserve the right to revise their score to a 10 should the future patches fix the majority of their concerns.

Shadow Flare2610d ago (Edited 2610d ago )

I totally agree that the more you play of the game the more you appreciate it. When these reviews first started coming out, I made a comment on here to the effect of, "I'm not really bothered by the scores it's getting because I know it's a really good game". But the more and more I play this game, it actually makes me angry that GT5 has got the scores it did and the abuse it gets. It's a total injustice, and that's why I've been so riled up defending this game because it's ridiculous the grief it's getting. Gran Turismo 5 is an absolutely stunning game. It's massive, beautiful and an incredible driving sim. If you're into racing games and you don't have GT5, it's your loss.

Boody-Bandit2610d ago (Edited 2610d ago )

Review seems about right.
I would probably give it a 9.95 but I am not going to nit pick here.

Chuckles aside.
This game is flat out amazing.
Anyone here the has me on their friends list will tell you I have been living on this game. Taking a break to watch some football but then I am right back to turning laps. Favorite racer this generation. No doubt about it.

My favorite event so far is the rally snow challenge under the special events. Even after receiving gold I played it over again just for fun.

Hideo_Kojima2610d ago (Edited 2610d ago )

Like reviewing a movie by watching the first 15 minutes of it.

Can you imagine someone reviewing Halo Reach, Uncharted 2, MGS4, Gears 2, GTA IV or Batman AA without playing the whole game?

They would be called mad.

IGN is totally stupid even N4G has more intelligence than IGN and N4G is controlled by the users.

@Shadow Flare I strongly agree with you.
The game is amazing and contains so much stuff that its a shame that it is getting such bad reviews.

morganfell2609d ago (Edited 2609d ago )

Right back at you Shadow. Just took this one:

aaronisbla2609d ago

@ irepbtown: 10 doesn't mean its perfect and can't be topped, it means its top of the line. I hate when someone says nothing would get a 10 cuz there's always room for improvement, then wtf is the 10 on scale for? Why not just eliminate the 10?

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ubiquitious2610d ago

PSExtreme = biggest SDF site

This, and Gamersblorge. Can't trust 'em.

plenty a tool2610d ago (Edited 2610d ago )

lol agreed

gt5 is a great game i am sure, but you hit the nail on head with what you said..

and gamer.blorge, tut tut, that truely is a shameless fanboy blog site

edit below...i try to avoid anything that comes from psls now. i even avoid there killzone stuff, because they are another fan-site that annoys me greatly. come on, how many times have you read the conspiracy rubbish about 360 games?? its in every 360 review!

anyway, just so you lot dont get to upset, i am a ps3 owner/gamer, and will be picking up gt5 after i've fitted my new kitchen next week. my girl knows that the work wont be getting done if i buy this...especially as i have taken 4 days off work next week.

Dude_2610d ago (Edited 2610d ago )

PSLS is the one. I bet they took their time with this game, when giving it a 10 lulz.

Btw anyway, in fairness 10 doesn't mean perfect, it means that the title is a pinnacle.

ExplosionSauce2609d ago (Edited 2609d ago )

Please tell me what's wrong with it?
I know PSXExtreme is shining some positive light on GT5 by using some logic, but come on you guys.

Too much positive information about the game for you? lol

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jammy_702610d ago

Now that's what I'm talkin bout beeeeatch!

DigitalAnalog2609d ago

All the extremely positive reviews, goes into detail at least the extra features packed in this game like "NASCAR, Go-Karting, B-Spec, damage, driving, etc".

And all the sub-mediocre reviews ended up only nitpicking the graphics, the poor damage, poor AI.

-End of Line

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eferreira2610d ago

I love this game, im only at level 8. But im jumping around to so many things.

MAG_SVER2610d ago

I'm on A license but the 1 where u have to go through the pylons like zigzag shape is hard dude, I can only get a time of 20.107 sec.. & I need to get 20:00 for Gold. I've been doing this 1 for days/hrs & that's the best I can do. I went on to do others but I feel like I fail if I don't get gold there(LoL), I'm just super excited to own this game.. it's so addicted.

Shadow Flare2610d ago

I had the same problem on that license test with the zig-zag cones, it's really difficult to get gold. But I just got gold a few hours ago on it by the skin of my teeth and punched the air in relief. Keep trying, you'll do it

Hideo_Kojima2610d ago

I knew I would not be able to get Gold for everything so I set a target of getting Silver...

That way you pass with bronze you practice a bit on the hard ones and get Silver yet you don't have to pull your hair out to get the Gold.

Just forget about it and come back to it in a months time when your a better driver.

digitalivan2610d ago (Edited 2610d ago )

I played it, it's awesome, period.

poopoojames2610d ago (Edited 2610d ago )

biased and unprofessional review

edit; so i did my bad. great review, spot on, no questions asked and no need to mention the war.

mrv3212610d ago


IGN GT5 REVIEW- Biased and unprofessional.

Anton Chigurh2610d ago

Biased and unprofessional. *fixed

mrv3212610d ago

Anything where you don't play enough of the game despite enjoying the game only to moan about the uninclusion of features that are infact included at later level in order to create A DIFFUCULTY CURB.

If you had damage at level 1 I GUARANTEE the game would be IMPOSSIBLE. It'd cost too much to repair. and IGN would moan the game is too hard.

That sounds pretty unprofessional to me

The guy who did the review list his favorite things as Xbox, Halo and Mass EFfect 2, seems pretty biased to me.

DigitalAnalog2609d ago

"Anything that lies about damage and AI."

Extremely BIASED and unprofessional. *enhanced modification

-End of Line

mushroomwig2610d ago

You typed that in the wrong article, the IGN one is somewhere else.

Masterchef20072610d ago

the best way to review this game is after you spent a ton of time playing it.

Vesemir2610d ago (Edited 2610d ago )

That's the best way to review any game.
You cannot review something that you don't really have any idea about.

wissam2610d ago

Not necessarily. this game has a long playing time since the ps1 era.

Vesemir2610d ago (Edited 2610d ago )

This is not the PS1 Gran Turismo.

@Yangus: Better than IGN bias towards other company products. And they are not even part of that company, what makes it even more shameful yet.

irepbtown2610d ago (Edited 2610d ago )

Games like COD (Or most FPS) only need a couple of hours before you can actually do a proper review.

Racing games, or RPGs i think needs alot longer time because it will take long to complete etc.

FPS you complete campaign within 8 hours and multiplayer you get full experiance after playing 30 minutes, then they get boring (I should say COD).

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