GAMER-0 # 24: Chrono Trigger Time Warping To Today !!!

I’m back again bringing that gaming fire for you with a new intro, logo and just a new swagger to the show. In this episode I felt it was time to bring out the GAMING COFFIN classic from yesteryear that will take most gamers back to there roots. I hope you're feeling the Chrono Trigger because I know I am.

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Neckbear2734d ago

I think you're pretty right, we don't really see game worlds like the ones we saw back in the day, in games like Chrono Trigger. In fact, now that I think about it, the last time I was truly blown off by a game's setting, and how much care developers took on it, was Ar Tonelico (Although Nier deserves a special mention here, as well).

Also, about the combat, if you wanna see a game where you can do combos by mixing spells and skills, Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles on the GameCube did exactly what you said.

It had real-time action combat, but in co-op allowed you to mix your spells with your friend's spells for more powerful ones, as well as mixing melee special attacks with a spell for an elemental affinity added to said attack, or mix two set spells for a new, completly different spell (For example, you had to use "Gravity", mixing two spells from different elements, to take down flying enemies).

It's of my favorite GameCube games, and I suggest you give it a try (Although for the Co-Op you need a few GBAs and cables...).

Honestly, Square Enix has so many things to work with, it's a shame to see them doing what they do nowadays.