8.0 Gran Turismo 5 Review - A Narrow Victory

Dealspwn writes: "The Short Version: Admittedly, it does sound like there’s more wrong with GT5, than there is right. Many of the negative points are based around the menus and the lack of progression in the game’s format when we’ve seen the competition flourish in recent years. Once you get on the track though and brave the in-car viewpoint, the game fires into life and demands respect. The car models are fantastically realised visually and in their handling, and the variety of vehicles on offer is unmatchable. You’re going to need a lot of patience to get GT5’s stubborn motor going, but it’s worth the effort once you do."

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Excellent review, but like the reviewer said:
''You’re going to need a lot of patience to get GT5’s stubborn motor going, but it’s worth the effort once you do.''

Everything is progressive, and is getting better and better when you level up.

Best Racing game so far.

Fore2700d ago

Is he level 40 with full damage? My guess in no so he should not be reviewing a game if he hasn't beaten it yet.

bggriffiths2700d ago

the damage looks awful at all levels. when does a real car look melted after a crash? the effects are poor, if you think anyone 'completed' this game to review it in time you're very mistaken.

Vesemir2700d ago (Edited 2700d ago )

Well... Best racing game so far, he says?
That pretty much close the show.

Hoje03082700d ago

And this is the thing that fanboys on the other side aren't getting. Yes, GT5 doesn't have as high a meta score as "other" racers out there. But, do you really want the game that got a higher score because of a better menu system, or the game (GT5) that has what is consistently being described as the best handling model out there? Me, I value the driving in a driving game, I guess that makes me weird.

el zorro2700d ago

READ the reviews. Many of them do have issues with the AI, sense of speed, physics, etc. To act like the only criticisms it has received are things like the menus is just disingenuous.

You PS3 fanboys reveal your true motives with your incessant chants of "Best racing game so far". It is obvious you care less about GT5 as a game and care more about it as just another way to try and trump up the PS3. It's a slap in the face to Xbox owners and to any sensible gamers.

The fact remains, though, that people are going to have their own opinions about what is the best racing game. I have seen many people express the opinion that Forza 3 is the better game. And it is undeniable that Forza 3 has received overall higher marks than GT5.

rdgneoz32700d ago

Good effort on trolling there. Surprised you still have 5 bubbles. While many reviewers have problems with AI and physics, its because they were lazy and didn't even play it a lot to realize things. Hell, some reviewers say the damage is just cosmetic because they haven't leveled up enough to see how damage can cripple a car. And the AI in later difficulties is pretty damn hard. You can troll all you want and say Forza 3 has higher marks, but it doesn't mean sh!t when most of the reviewers haven't even played half of GT 5 before writing their reviews. Hell, I'd love for reviewers to post screenshots of their profiles in GT5 to show how much they've actually done.

lowcarb2700d ago (Edited 2700d ago )

So now your trolling when you give a reasonable comment? Wtf...Also why is everybody lazy when it comes to reviewing PS3 games lol? The bottom line is no matter how hard you try and beef this game up it's not getting a free pass.Ps3 fanboys should be ashamed this gen because they obviously have no honor or sense of reality. Graphics alone wont win you top honors anymore so get over it.

DigitalAnalog2700d ago (Edited 2700d ago )

I'm reading every single one of those reviews I can find. The only thing they have in common is the "robotic AI". Something that has discovered to be FALSE once run at lvls 20 and above.

Almost every single one of them PRAISED the unrivaled physics. Sense of speed is something I did not see. Please show me.


So lying straight up like el zorro is considered "reasonable" commment?

Where were you in the last couple of days? Did you miss the news that the AI and Damage criticisms are now discovered UNFOUNDED? These are the types of reviews you see in GT5 and you're turning a blind eye to it because all you see is the score and not the content behind it.

-End of Line

MysticStrummer2700d ago

PLAY the game. You'll see that much of what is complained about in the lower reviews is laughably invalid, including the things you mention.

zag2700d ago

The thing I'll note with GT games is you need to forget the idea that your playing a racing game but in fact driving a real car around a track.

Top Gear have proven that you can use it to train your driving skills so you can handle tracks much better.

It's never really been a game but a driver trainer and to those who aren't into that won't like GT games, F1 teams do use GT games to train their drivers in fact many racing teams use GT as a driver aid.

So for many people who've never driven a car at 200kph or higher don't actually understand that stuff doesn't fly by you in a slightly blured way, you'll find it's a bit slower and quite easy to handle a car at that speed, also many stock factory cars can't get to 200kph anyway and only do 180 or 190kph at most and it takes a good 20 to 30+ mins to even to that sort of speed.

You can alter all the settings in forza but you can;t ever actually do that on a real car you'll go and do a dyno tests it might so 200hp at most 150rwhp and that's it you put an exhaust on the back and that'll only add 20% extra power everything else only adds 2 to 10% extra power.

adding turbos won't give you a super amount of HP because they only work at a certain RPM range and running one outside that range, means less power all the time, that is the same deal across the board.

adding NOS that will add heaps of power but you also need to uprate the whole engine block so your looking at $10,000 to $50,000 before you can spend that poxy $5,000 on a NOS kit, that's why so few cars have NOS in the first place.

SO I think too many people are sitting there and thinking they are playing an arcade racer when they aren't and can't get their head around that.

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DigitalAnalog2700d ago (Edited 2700d ago )

"We’ve finally got vehicle damage in Gran Turismo. But guess what? It’s awful."

Another idiot who just finished reviewing at lvl 10.

-End of line

bviperz2700d ago

Seems the reviewers scoring GT5 8 and below aren't the grind it out type. It's a shame really. Most reviewers now a days want instant gratification. Or at least really really quick. Any real GT fan will tell you, to get what you want in the game you'll have to be willing to race and tweak your rides. A lot. And for a long time.

zag2700d ago

Most don't review a game these days they simply don't get the time to do any sort of review anyway.

100% agree on the tweak bit.

I'd just sit and watch the reply watching the wheels on the corners and tweak the suspension etc to suit the track save the settings doing that might take 1-2 months before you get real low times.

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wanaraceu2700d ago (Edited 2700d ago )

Another 8 what a load of crap! Not gt5 but the review is a load of crap. There are so many games that get higher scores and are know where near as good as gt5. Gt5 along side uncharted 2 are the best games I have ever played

I have the game and can't see how people are giving it an 8s some even a 7. What more do people want the feature list for gt5 is massive. Everyone I know that have bought it and that's about 8 people are loving this game

Ashby_JC2700d ago (Edited 2700d ago )

With all the negatives that are a FACT and not made up how do you expect it to get a 9-10 from EVERYBODY?

I read this review and can you discount any of the negatives he wrote about??

A high rated game means it has minimal issues and doesnt miss features such as changing rims and brakes on every car (which by the way he didnt even mention)

The game is far from perfect. It is a good game. YOU think its why smash on HIS opinion because it doesnt fall in line with yours?

But to jump in here and say an 8 rating is BS is pure BS on your part.

Go play your game and try not get all defensive because someone doesnt think a game is as good as you do!

MysticStrummer2700d ago

"can you discount any of the negatives he wrote about?" Yes, and if you have the game then so can you. The menus have an unusual layout, but they are hardly utterly horrible as he claims. He complains about damage, which is a flashing neon saying "I didn't play far enough into this game to have a valid opinion". He has an odd breakdown in common sense and seems surprised that the sense of speed from the cockpit or bumper cameras is greater than the camera angle above and behind the car. He doesn't seem to be aware that you can sell the cars you win. That Prius he talked about is the reward for winning an event featuring that category of car, but you can sell it right away. Lastly, he claims that you need to have a different car for each event early on, which is just false. My first car was a used Miata that I used in 3 or 4 different events. I'm more defensive about the falsehoods in these lower reviews than I am the score. They just don't make reviewers like they used to.

wanaraceu2700d ago

Getting that so called stuburn motor going is half the fun!
My mates and I were thrashing around in our worked Toyota sprinters at gran valley all weekend

Vesemir2700d ago

Soon we'll have pop up windows with GT5 reviews.
I've never seen a game making people so busy.

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