GamingOgre: Gran Turismo 5 – review

GamingOrge: The day has finally come. The day that you have been waiting for 5 years to arrive; Gran Turismo 5 is finally available to the gaming masses that have been yearning for the title since the PS2 days. While many questions remain about the title, the one that people are most likely asking is “Was it really worth the wait?”

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BrianG2790d ago

From the review:

Controls: Behave like you would expect their real life counterparts to.

But it has an 8 for controls? Tell me where that makes sense? Shouldn't that be a 10? Which would bring this review score up some.

Not to mention graphics of 7.5? Because of the tracks?

Oh well, can't wait to get home so I can play me some GT5. Is it sad that when I can't play it I read the reviews? haha.