Worthplaying: GoldenEye 007 Review

GoldenEye is probably the most fondly remembered game of all time. The announcement of the game remake probably made you want to dust off your N64 and play a few rounds of multiplayer with your friends. If you do, you'll most likely realize that it plays pretty badly when compared to any shooter from the last 10 years, so the time is ripe to reinvent GoldenEye for modern consoles.

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asdr3wsfas2729d ago (Edited 2729d ago )

This game is Goldeneye: COD edition. Why they took out pistols only/etcetc weapon modes is beyond me.

It's a good game. You just may as well buy COD since it's almost exactly the same. Unless you want local 4 player action just get black OPS.

Venox20082729d ago

it's better than all call of duty combined, and I don't like call of duty, but finished this game with a pleasure :)

eagle212725d ago

Way better than black flops. :)