Top Video Games This Christmas

Squidoo: You've the power to make the online game player on your list quite merry this holiday season having a cool new video game or console., here are the top video games for this Christmas

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anthraxCZ2673d ago

gran turismo as one of the top games ? you have to be kidding, that game is one of the biggest dissapointment, forza ruls

vhero2672d ago

Be less of a fanboy will you? GT5 has almost outsold forza 3's lifetime sales in its first week so less of the fanboyism.

vhero2672d ago

Good list not a fan of NFS myself I think its practically the same as a couple of the older games with autolog. I would have preferred them to make a Burnout Paradise 2 instead :(. Maybe that one needs replacing but the other 4 are about right as they will all sell through the roof this christmas.