Ten Games That Were Derivative But Still Rocked

Some of the most hyped games these days are also usually very derivative of other very successful titles, and recently examples such as Medal of Honor and Dante’s Inferno have shown us that such games are often given lower scores than what they deserve, simply because they take heavily from their competition.

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Urmomlol2673d ago

Wait a second...what? Medal of Honor comes out first and yet the screen shot you guys included is Medal of Honor compared to CoD Black Ops?

What a terrible example for three reasons:

1.) MoH came out before Black Ops.
2.) MoH came out first; the entire Call of Duty franchise copied from MoH
3.) MoH was grounded in reality. Modern Warfare and Black Ops are completely fictitious nonsense.

This is such a huge mistake that I can't help but think you guys threw this article together in ten minutes. Combined with the fact that every single example comes from the last two years also leads me to believe you guys really don't know enough about video games to even be writing these lists to begin with.