Gameinformer | Getting Under The Hood Of Gran Turismo 5

GI writes "You've had over five years to think and dream about what this moment would be like for you as a GT 5 fan, and now we're curious if the game is living up to your expectations."

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UKdoaney2515d ago

1.) What are you most impressed about with the game?


2.) What's your biggest disappointment?

not enough premium cars

3.) How many cars are in your garage? What's your favorite car?

hmmm dont know how many, my favourite car although not my fastest is the Lancia Delta fully tuned, it sounds evil :L

4.) Have you gifted any cars or created courses to your friends?

not yet getting round to it

5.) Was it worth the wait for you?

not 5 years but im not disappointed, i love this game!

6.) On a scale of 1-10, what would you give it?

erm 9.5 maybe 10 this game is awesome but could've done with more polish on standard cars. still good work PD.

nix2514d ago

2.) What's your biggest disappointment?

The tab that will take me to dealers and shortlist the cars i can buy for a particular event if i don't have car of said specific in my garage. And plus an option to choose cars on the spot in Photo Tour.

That's all i can remember from more than 30 hours of playing over the weekend... and total BLISS is all i felt!

bunfighterii2514d ago

1.) What are you most impressed about with the game?

Sheer amount of content and variety.

2.) What's your biggest disappointment?

Standard/Premium car divide.

3.) How many cars are in your garage? What's your favorite car?

19 so far. GT-R R35 V-Spec.

4.) Have you gifted any cars or created courses to your friends?

I've been gifted a Vitz for the Vitz Cup, and promised to send him something later. I created my first course today on Mt Aso- totally wicked!

5.) Was it worth the wait for you?

Yeah definitely. I see validity in complaints leveled at it- such as not being able to modify the brakes(!?). But as an overall package I'm getting a lot out of it, especially with a wheel. I'm also finding the online great too, particularly because many of my friends have the game.

6.) On a scale of 1-10, what would you give it?

So far an 8.5-9. It's a great game, but some extra polish in a few areas, and more premium cars would have served this game a lot better. I'd have preferred 400-500 'Premium' quality cars than a over 1000, 600 of which I won't even bother trying out. However the premium cars look so good it's hard to stay too mad about it. Also the AI still needs work- they just seemingly have no capacity to avoid a collision with you if you are in front of them, and sometimes ram you right off the course.

However there's a lot of surprising content. I'm addicted to photo mode and the course maker has lots of potential. Also Rally physics are much improved- and make the rally not just playable in GT5 but really fun/challenging. Actually driving physics overall are this games' strong point- unrivaled in that regard. I'm also a big fan of the driving challenges and go karts- the latter being particularly fun. There's some great community aspects to it as well, and the inclusion of a 'level-up' system really makes buying cars a strategic decision as much as a collection one.

Online is also fantastic, and I like being in control of a room and setting rules, regulations, choosing tracks and cars etc. You can set up some really tense races.

Bathyj2514d ago

All this standard/premium car stuff is blown way out of proportion.

Why do I say that?

Because I have about 30 cars in my garage, and I think 2 of them are standard, and one of those is the first car I bought.

thief2514d ago

I think the crux of the issue is this: it takes far more time to create a premium car, with all its detail, than it does to create a standard car. So, if they dumped all the standard cars, they could either a) create 250 premiums instead of 200 b) create 1000 cars with crap, half-baked interiors and last-gen damage like Forza.

The option they chose was the right one – create 200 cars with details and damage models a generation ahead of any other racer, and do small upgrades on 800 other cars, so you get the best of both worlds – quality AND quantity

DigitalAnalog2514d ago

Exactly. Sometimes, I can't believe how spoiled people are this generation. He could've given us 200+ premiums cars. That's it, no more complaints, aside from the (oh but my car isn't here, why didn't they put it).

Sad to see only a few realize how time consuming it is to create a premium car. 6 months per car and they have over 200, you do the math. Not to mention they have to properly re-create tracks (unlike some half-asssed ones). Bumps and curves are in places mimicing the ones in the real world providing an authentic experience while racing.

Seriously, dropping scores because of "more" features, where have I heard that before.

-End of Line

maxcer2514d ago (Edited 2514d ago )

some people like consistency within their games. with only 200/1000 of the cars are premium quality i can see their gripe with it.

Bathyj2514d ago

So DigitalAnalog is right then.
They would have been better off making 300 odd premium cars, then the whole game would be judged by the premium standard.

The problem is, that goes against the whole GT ethos.

GT is for car lovers. They want you to drive your car, as well as the exotics. Who the hell has a Maserati or a Astin Martin? No many of us. Theres a reason why STANDARD cars are called 2nd hand cars. Theres alot of older, plain if you will, models. The kinds of cars people actually drive day to day. Leaving all of them out would be a travisty to GT.

Leave the whiners whine. GT is awesome the way it is. I dont see many people who actually own the game complaining, just the ones who never will and have no intention, AS USUAL.

WitWolfy2514d ago

1.) What are you most impressed about with the game?

That I got my Xmas gift early and it released just when I wanted it too!

2.) What's your biggest disappointment?

That the "Photo realistic graphics" weren't so photo realistic to start with.. example: with the CE you get those VERY NICE photos right? well in those photos everything looks like I wanted GT 5 to look. Then you race on that exact track just to see pixelated textures on the AD boards. Disappointed me to see such false advertising.

3.) How many cars are in your garage? What's your favorite car?

20- 30

4.) Have you gifted any cars or created courses to your friends?

Nope not planning on to either.

5.) Was it worth the wait for you?

Kinda.. A part of me wants to say yes.. and another part of me says it should of been delayed again for more content, seeing that I can see myself finishing the A-Spec mode in less then a month.

6.) On a scale of 1-10, what would you give it?

About a 7/10
I was expecting A LOT more from this awesome franchise. Like a online auction community like on Forza, or a better track maker. HTF am I supposed to make Apricot Hill with a crap tool like that!?

cemelc2514d ago


LOL a 7 trolling much?.

If you give a 7 to GT5 1080p graphics, 60frames/secs, NASCAR, F1, Rally, Karting, 16 playes online. Then youll probably give forza 3 and 4 (cos you can bet youre a$$ i wont have half of that) a wooping score of 4.

TheHardware2514d ago

some of you people, lol

this game is so far beyond any other racing game out, I wouldst say its a 10 but it damn sure aint a 7

i just finished a 7hour tour and I am impressed, I cant believe I was almost suckered by all the crap reviews...

hey "to each his own"...even if "he" is

Gt5 = king of the racers undisputed