Ubisoft in danger of tapping Assassin's Creed too often discusses Ubisoft's decision to release an Assassin's Creed game in 2011, the third series release for home consoles in three years.

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BeOneWithTheGun2669d ago

Well, in situations like this it's good to look at the track record for previous installments. Have they progressed adding new elements that offer new variety? Are they simply rehashes?

In AC's case, I believe the answer is they are NOT milking. Each installment seems to address the previous game's issues and offers fresh challenges and good visual and game play upgrades. If Ubisoft keeps innovating and offering 20+ hour installments that have new moves, upgraded graphics, great story, great voice acting and game play then I will buy it every time.

Also, just cutting my teeth on the MP. Anyone who is a mature gamer that would like to play together please add me. BeOneWithTheGun. I also have the KZ3 beta.


Neckbear2669d ago

Indeed, although I can understand how the author feels.

I just hope Ubisoft doesn't makes Assasin's Creed their Call of Duty, but instead keep things fresh.

CombineElite2669d ago

Can't wait for Assassins Creed 3: Modern Stealth.

Hey if people are buying it then keep making it. Ubisoft seems to make each installment better so no complaints here. When they start just Copy and Paste with a new title and box art then I won't buy anymore.

randomwiz2669d ago

NO! Milking would be releasing a successful game,then spending 2 years adding new artwork like emblems and callsigns, and adding more killstreaks, and using the same flawed p2p system, while making it much more noob friendly.

Ubisoft takes a risk with AC1. Then spends 2 years creating a magnificent game world, making a well thought out story, and fixing the issues with the previous game.

AC Brotherhood releases with many of the same character models, and a continuation of the awesome story, but adds a clever online multiplayer part, and does it all within one year.

AC3(which i believe was being developed alongside Brotherhood) is probably going to bring another amazing addition to the franchise.

Ascalon942668d ago

how did u get the KZ3 beta?

Silentmerc3nary2669d ago

Brotherhood was awesome. As long as the games are fantastic, churn them out as much as you want Ubi-Montreal! I'll gladly pay and play 'em.