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There is a huge difference between Polyphony’s newest racer and its predecessor, practically you can’t compare the two titles because of the time period between the releases. Gran Turismo 5 is all about the details and the authenticity it has got to offer. The CEO of Polyphony, Kazunori Yamauchi, delayed the game because he wanted to polish Gran Turismo 5 until it was perfect, resulting a 3 weeks delay, he said it will never be perfect as he intended to make it. Due to Kazunori’s perfectionist character, the title is one of the best racers we have seen so far, despite of players driving down a very narrow path to end up something only a subset of gamers will truly enjoy.

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''Gran Turismo 5 is one of the best racing simulators I have ever played in my whole life, it gives you a unique feeling that no other racer could deliver, sometimes I play a long circuit to enjoy the ride. The game stayed in the studio a long time but it was worth the wait, third party developers, you have your challenge now, lets see if you can beat Gran Turismo 5. The game is perfectly designed for the automobile lovers, what more can you possibly want from a game of this caliber. Polyphony did it guys! You created a beautiful game that sews every wannabe-racer’s soul.''

Sunny_D2761d ago

This review was posted right after the 7/10 review for GT5 given by Gamestyle. Lol, and guess what OF COURSE N4PS3G didn't post this, did he? LOL Stupid bot looking for negative PS3 reviews only.

Lifendz2761d ago

Not exactly a well written review but I agree for the most part. Still hoping that we get some sort of cockpit view for the standard cars via patch. And maybe an option for damage to kick in for the earlier levels like it does the later levels.

FACTUAL evidence2761d ago

now all the AAA reviews!? Wish this was a day one thing.

oohWii2761d ago

No one is going to ask who is.

My bad, it's a positive review, because of that we don't ask those types of questions.

TheWretched2761d ago

Only Forza/360 fanboys care now that it isn't a known source... it works both ways...

iPad2761d ago (Edited 2761d ago )

It's the 28th and still no GameSpot GT5 review.

I think they're doing a very good job of taking their time to play this game (maybe get to level 30 in A Spec) so they can cover every aspect of this game

NecrumSlavery2761d ago

Their preview show was pretty rough, they almost seem liked they couldnt wait to get a fail score out, but since they are taking their time hopefully they'll give a solid and fair review

DigitalAnalog2761d ago

The review simply took all the positives in the game (something that most reviewers seem to overlook). Notice how almost every reviewer did not go through NASCAR, Go-Kart, Course-making and B SPEC. Most NOTABLY B-Spec.

This reviewer on the other hand. Did. Not exactly informative, but at least we can see why he gave the game a high-score.

-End of line

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crazyturkey2761d ago (Edited 2761d ago )

I really like this game, but yesterday my PS3 YLOD on me and my game is stuck inside. I have another ps3 to play it on, but it seems I will have to open this PS3 to get it out.

Newtype2761d ago

If you have an older model PS3 you can get the game out by flipping the switch on the back off, then by holding the eject button and flipping the switch on the back on again the game will pop out.

Fishy Fingers2761d ago (Edited 2761d ago )

I had the same problem, opening it wont help unless you fancy stripping down the drive. Sony posted it back to me within a week, probably not what you want to hear though.

@ Newtype, someone told me that, didnt work for me, but mine wasnt YLOD I dont think. Worth a try though.

sp1deynut2761d ago first I thought the video was a PS3 fanBOY test. Then I watched, and realized what it was. :p

sp1deynut2761d ago just drop it on the pavement from a 2nd story window. Be sure to record it, and post it on Youtube. :D

mrv3212761d ago

You could sell it for like $50 for parts... but hey, if it's yellow light of death and the fix would cost $10 and about 15 minutes to fix.

But hey may aswell throw it out a window.

If it's a blu-ray problem then it's hard to fix, if it's YLOD it's about $10

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josephayal2761d ago

GT5 is a solid 9.8 metatric, i cant stop playing this game

etownone2761d ago

The truth is out there.

But keep telling yourself it's one of the highest AAA games on metacritic if it helps you sleep at night kid.

Close_Second2761d ago (Edited 2761d ago )

When you gloss over the visuals and focus on gameplay then GT5 is a near 10/10. Visuals are a real beauty and the beast affair. Sometimes they are simply stunning, other times they look terrible. Rome and Madrid are easy some highlights but the rally tracks in the first special rally event are simply dire.

Things like the track maker and head tracking do nothing for me as they seem poorly implemented at this stage. I still have not been able to sync my PSP with the game either.

The positives easily outweigh the negatives for this game and still makes it a 9/10 for me. To be honest, I'm not a huge car enthusiast but this game is the most fun I've had on the PS3 to date.