Gameblog.Fr | Gran Turismo 5 Review Graphically uneven, GT5 seems to have been finished in a hurry for Christmas and New Year.

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MGRogue20172759d ago (Edited 2759d ago )

I'm loving the game.. but the online multiplayer.. ffs, polyphony.. fix it please.

I'm f* sick & tired of seeing the "You've been disconnected from the server" message pop up in my face all the time.

ryuzu2759d ago

No problems for me, the response to the online at Gaf has been very positive and generally good at GTP.

Sure it's not something on your end?


bigboss9112759d ago

Rushed for Christmas huh?? I swear everyone that has been reviewing this game, have no idea on what PD want to accomplish with the GT series. The game is not complete, and it never will be. Each time it gets a little further towards becoming the best car game ever. Kaz will continue to perfect every little detail till he either does, retires, or dies.

Close_Second2759d ago

You have to admit that some of the visuals leave a lot to be desired. It really feels like some things were not finished in order to meet a pre-xmas release.

bigboss9112759d ago

if your talking about standard cars... you do know that takes around 6 months to full detail a Premium car right? I mean surely your not like all the rest of the complainers that knew nothing of the developing side and what they want to accomplish in the long term right?? Do the math, you want a Gt5 now? Or 10 years from now. Ill take gameplay and great graphics now, instead of no gameplay at all.

MyNameIsNotRick2759d ago

bigboss- You have no idea what your talking about. Your just repeating some bs sombody else wrote on this rumor site. 60 million dollars and 5 years should have been enough to make sure all included cars were premium. Stop making excuses.

yewles12759d ago

Wrong, Rick. PD had GT4 Online in '06 (Japan only), Tourist Trophy later that year, GTHD in '07 (which failed), Prologue in '08 and GTPSP in '09. Plus working on optimizing 200+ premium cars (a step up from 70+ 200,000 poly Prologue cars) with less team members than say, Turn 10, is pretty strenuous.

Close_Second2759d ago

I hope they patch some of the "rushed" visuals. Polish up some of the lesser detailed tracks and this game would be the ultimate in eye candy as well as driving gameplay.

XRider2759d ago (Edited 2759d ago )

I think both GT5 and Forza suck, give me Burnout Grand Theft Auto arcady controls. I hope I piss off both sides with this comment.

etownone2759d ago

I feel the same.

Need for Speed: HP2 is the way to go

NecrumSlavery2759d ago

It's cool if you like arcade racers. You will really love Motorstorm Apocolypse.

Close_Second2759d ago (Edited 2759d ago )

No, each is entitled to their own opinion. I also like arcade style games and am looking forward to the upcoming Motorstorm 3. I do however prefer simulation over arcade as I find myself coming back to it more often than not.

Arcade is for quick pick up and play fun.
Simulation is for those wanting more or a challenge.

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