NBA 2K11 Patch 1.2 Fixes A Few Glitches, But Ruins My Player Mode

When NBA 2K11 released back in October, it was hailed as quite possibly the greatest sports game to date by myself and others. The game was not without a few issues, but on the whole it delivered the most authentic and enjoyable experience I have ever gotten from a sports game. I definitely expected 2K Sports to eventually put out a patch to address those things but I never expected them to put out a patch as drastic and devastating as patch 1.2 that came out right before Thanksgiving. This patch not only fixed the minor things, it has dramatically altered several core gameplay mechanics and not for the better. Nowhere are the negatives effects more obvious than in my favorite game mode in this year’s game “My Player”.

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Yi-Long2790d ago

... cause it's on sale over at ...

... but I'll read some more into this whole issue, before I do order it.

Seems like a strange thing to do: releasing a patch for a great game, which pisses of the majority of your customers/fans...

thatruth20062790d ago

You might be ok since you haven't played it yet and the way the game plays with the patch would be normal for you so you might not be as affected. Personally, I don't think they needed to mess with it.

Deeloc2789d ago

i can't play my player mode anymore,that shit gets on my nerves

Dakidog2789d ago

I wouldn't say "ruined it" as the best description...but it has definitely affected my player mode. I downloaded the patch happy to see it, thinking "I might finally get my rookie of the year trophy".

Playing my player mode I noticed one change right away(the play calling), but being a point guard and all I chose to completely ignore it and run my own stuff. Everything was fine until I took my first few jumpshots...I ignored the horrible misses for 2-3 shots(which were wide open just for the record) until I realized something was awry! I quit the game to analyze my jumpshot in shootaround and realized that those bastards had completely fucked it up.

Name Last Name2789d ago

They did ruin the fun with the playcalling thing in My Player! The only way to evade this now is to be the point guard and those of us that like other positions are screwed and doomed to watch all the action from a stupid corner!