BioWare: 'Too many games released today'

BioWare co-founder Ray Muzyka offered an interesting - and light hearted - answer when asked what disappoints him about the games industry today.

"There's too many games released," he told Develop. "It's interesting, because it's very, very busy, it makes it very hard as a player to keep up. The releases clump up - even though that is changing a little bit.

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Balt 2786d ago

I agree and, like Jason Rubins once said,"It's too easy to get burned while trying to buy the right one".

We need quality control. We need Nintendo to bring back the quality seal of approval. We need something.

mrv3212786d ago

Nintendo still does the seal of approval... as does Sony.

If you buy a game with Sony's gold sticker on it, then it's going to be good, not the best, but I GUARANTEE it won't be broken, it won't have been rushed... just made well.

BrianC62342786d ago

Nintendo doesn't care about quality anymore. With the Wii they decided to let anyone make a game for their systems. They say gamers will decide which games are quality. Not smart. I guess if you have a Wii you should just buy Nintendo games since they only make a few and they're mostly good. Most third party Wii games end up being garbage.

evrfighter2786d ago

well duh.

the gaming industry has gone megaconglomerate. It's no longer about the gamer but about the shareholder.

In order to make the shareholder happy they need to keep making money. Putting out new games is the only way to do this. The only two companies that are the exception to this rule are Blizzard and Valve.

Thepro3182786d ago

Socom confrontation was buggy and broken

Warhawk first 2 weeks online wasnt working

BeOneWithTheGun2786d ago

Agreed! Also, Ubisoft and Bioware are two of my favorite devs. Mass Effect, Assassin's Creed, the old Rainbow games, man, many hours of my life lost!

Tuxedo_Mask2786d ago

The Nintendo seal didn't mean it would be a good game, it meant that the game was authorized by Nintendo for use on their system. That's why there are NES cartridges from Tengen and other companies that look different from the traditional grey cartridges, they overrode the chip in the system to make their own games without having to pay Nintendo. The seal has nothing to do with the quality of the gameplay or level of enjoyment that the game offers.

TOO PAWNED2786d ago

there are too many games, and here are they releasing 3 games in next 15 months, ok hypocrites.

gypsygib2786d ago

I think there are too many games released in one season, the summer has nothing. Companies would be wise to release they unproven titles during that time, as I'm starving for games and have the most time to play them.

Every major release comes out around my exams.

richierich2786d ago

Back in the days of the NES there was a seal of quality on all of NES games I havent believed Nintendo since then

Optical_Matrix2786d ago

I agree. God knows how the fuck i'm gonna afford Little Big Planet 2, Mass Effect 2, Killzone 3 and Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 in the space of a month.

xXxSeTTriPxXx2786d ago

will since i'm a rpg and fighting game fan 1st.mvc3 will be @ the top of my list followed by mass effect 2.

TheNocturnus2786d ago (Edited 2786d ago )

Sell off your old games on ebay or start a games savings fund. Or don't pay your bills...

Optical_Matrix2786d ago

My problem is that I'm a first year student at University lol So I have my course to pay for as well as living costs for food etc. I managed to buy two games this semester (Naruto UNS2 and GT5) but I dunno how I'm gonna handle those 4 coming out right as Semester 2 starts XD

I'm not a big fan of selling my games unless I really don't like them though :( And luckily for me, I like all of my games a hell of a lot. Decisions decisions

RonXD2786d ago

Never mind trying to afford them. But how many of us really have that much time to play all of those games? I have a ton of games on my list for 2011 but Marvel vs Capcom 3 will be taking up all of my time.

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