Medal of Honor's multiplayer is broken

For a week, many players have experienced difficulties to play the latest Medal of Honor online. It seems that players who have a skill level too high or too low are unable to join any populated servers, only empty servers. A lot of people are complaining about this problem on the official forums and they are waiting for an official comment.
Here is a video showing the problem.

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DoomeDx2793d ago

I hate MoH's multiplayer.
Its pretty much a toned-down version of BC2.

BeOneWithTheGun2793d ago

The SP is lame, too. All the hype about how you go into the mind and life of a Tier 1 Special Ops and all that. Not true. The story is as canned as they come. The AI is beyond retarded. The SP campaign is 4 hours. Veteran Mode is a joke. Graphics are cheap.

I was so disappointed by this game. They hyped it up to be a Splinter Cell meets Rainbow 6 with in-depth coverage of lif on the front line and it's a farce.

MP blows, too. Generic generic generic.

Shackdaddy8362793d ago

I actually liked the SP a lot. The story was great imo. And it was based off a real operation which makes it even better. The ending was excellent too and left me wanting more.

The MP was a total let-down though. Hopefully they improve for next game and go back to the old MoH multiplayer instead of mimicking other games. MoH's MP had a certain feel to it that this game was lacking big time. I think the mistake was letting a different dev make it.

solar2793d ago

the beta was terrible, the MP was like a shooting gallery.

-Alpha2793d ago

I hated the beta too. I didn't think much of this game at all, the BC2/COD mix isn't great.

I play COD when I like COD and I play BC2 when I like BC2.

Both those games separately have got me through the year.

Hope to see the rest of you back on Bad Company 2, especially with the new maps coming out

venom062793d ago


DirtyLary2793d ago

There was maybe 5k players on Saturday night.

COD:BO killed it off.

Da_Evil_Monkey2793d ago

Loved the SP, one of the best FPS campaigns I've played with the exception of the Half-life series. However the MP is just a toned down version of BC2 but with all the bad controls, lack of recoil and balance issues of COD.

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Motorola2793d ago

Wow that didnt take long at all...

IMChampion2793d ago

Yup, another crappy game came out, the difference is that it actually has a better chance of working than MoH...on a specific platform anyway.

Seriously though, MoH has been broken since day 1 and I stopped playing since the second week. Only reason I'm still holding the disc is I have a higher chance of getting into the BF3 beta.

Touche DICE, Touche.

MGRogue20172793d ago (Edited 2793d ago )

That's why I got rid of this a while ago..

I got Bad Company 2 to keep me company anyway.

poopoojames2793d ago

most console FPS are with the exception of Killzone and Halo.

NotChrisHansen2793d ago

lolwut, i'm just gonna sit down and blow up my team's M-Station's all day for reactions.

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The story is too old to be commented.