Gran Turismo 5: Epic Damage versus Fail Damage

Gamingbolt: There have been a lot of talks about the damage system in Gran Turismo 5, some of them have complained that it does not work as it should and some say it works, but only at higher levels. Today we compare a few videos where the damage engine in Gran Turismo 5 is working as it should and where it’s a total fail.

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Balt 2706d ago (Edited 2706d ago )

I'll never reach level 2, let alone level 40 -- How does this damage apply to someone like me? How does the casual player who doesn't spend all day pushing X,O,[ ], and /\ get their money's worth here?

GT5 didn't deliver for me.

Nitrowolf22706d ago (Edited 2706d ago )

The F

You don't even need to spend all day to rank up, it's so easy. Most gamers would try to unlock every event even casual gamers. I'm already level 20 and that is just playing a couple hours a day. Sorry but are you expecting to play this game for just a week or what? I mean for most racing gamer people spend hours on them trying to complete them and every other event.

Balt 2706d ago (Edited 2706d ago )

As I laid out in my Amazon review that got pulled due to everyone crying -- I had to re-do a review and re-word things. It was crazy stupid.

Anyways, I didn't buy GT5 for the simulator mode or whatever that thing is. In fact, I haven't even been able to play it yet. Why? Because when I did try it had me doing everything but playing it. It wanted me to make a myspace-like profile page with an avatar and info and just, it was stupid. I did that for like 2 min and backed out to Arcade mode -- The real reason why I was told to buy the game over Ridge Racer 6 and Motorstorm PR and Burnout.

I wasn't impressed. In fact, like I said in my Amazon review that had so many people crying, while playing GT5 I was thinking of booting out of it and booting into Burnout Paradise.

GT5 isn't for me.

(let me repeat)

I have played GT5's arcade mode and that is where I am basing my views and opinions on and from. I bought this, again, because everyone told me it was the all in one racer -- It did Burnout's feel, Motorstorm's off roading and Ridge Racer's arcady-like gameplay. That's why I got GT5, people. You all and the industry had me believing it was the all in one.

It isn't. And if it is, it's a poor attempt.

Nitrowolf22706d ago (Edited 2706d ago )

So you gave up after the first 5minute with them having you make a profile?


I am sorry, i understand it isn't your game but to make an impression within the first 5 minute of the game where it isn't even play time only to say it isn't good? I understand you played the arcade part and all but still.

What a great way to review a game
I mean thats like me going out to buy Sly Cooper collection, only to be interested in just the 10minute mini game, and think the game is over all bad because of it.

Raf1k12706d ago

'GT5 isn't for me.'

Clearly lol. Sorry but the profile page doesn't take long to get through. You don't even need to write anything as I just went through it quickly to get to actually playing the game. If you can't do that much in a particular game then it's clearly not for you.

DatNJDom812706d ago

Of course it didn't. Ur a casual.

Close_Second2706d ago

"It did Burnout's feel, Motorstorm's off roading and Ridge Racer's arcady-like gameplay"

That's the first I have heard of that gameplay mix used to describe GT. You clearly wasted your money if thats what you based your purchasing decision on. On the box it states "The real driving simulator", even with arcade mode you should have known what to expect. Tell me, do you buy flight simulators for an Ace Combat experience?

By the way, how did you create your account for this site? you clearly have no tolerance for anything where you need to create a profile...which can take all of about a minute in GT.

randomwiz2706d ago

" It did Burnout's feel, Motorstorm's off roading and Ridge Racer's arcady-like gameplay. "

I'm sorry, but you bought it for all the wrong reasons. Its nowhere near burnout or ridge racer's arcade style racing... its a racing sim, and if you didnt know that, that is just sad. it has it listed in its slogan. "THE REAL DRIVING SIMULATOR"

Trebius2706d ago


It says REAL DRIVING SIMULATOR for a reason you moron.

Quit whining. Return the game and stfu.

Your FUD isnt going to turn away any sales.

BISHOP-BRASIL2706d ago (Edited 2706d ago )

This only proves you are the worst kind of costumer in this industry, an uninformed one.

Blame people that pointed you at the game or the media all you want but you made the call to buy it... And a game from a longstanding, well stabilished and recognized franchise. You could easily had checked at any previous GT and see what they were about.

GT is not about quick rewards. Your complaint is just as stupid as people complaining you don't get a Viper or GT-R early on the game... The great cars, just like damage, aren't there to simply entertain your casual needs, but to actually enhance the challenge.

EDIT: this was aimed at sitlab.

ikkokucrisis2706d ago (Edited 2706d ago )

This article should read "Damage Control" for the review site HAHAHAH

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RIP_Weazel2706d ago (Edited 2706d ago )

That's a really cool (& detailed ) story there sitlab. Why bother wasting any more effort than needs be on the game though, if, as you've repeatedly said, it isn't for you. You're like a kid picking at a scab. (Or a sad attention craving wum.)

Vesemir2706d ago

That's the whole point. GT5 isn't aimed at casual gamers.

Neckbear2706d ago (Edited 2706d ago )

Then why bother making the game easy and forgiving at first?

Editan at Vesemir down there:

People can learn to play through tutorials and free modes. The fact that the game actually gets harder after you've spent a good deal of hours with it means it's just forgiving at first. It wants you to win and to get used to it.

And if the game's made for the "hardcore", as well as a core base, that shouldn't happen. Honestly, there's not much logic behind driving a car.

I really don't think he's a casual for not liking a game that could be boring for him.

Gran Turismo DOES start like a casualized easy game, after all. He simply didn't liked it, wich is completly the opposite to being a casual.

And honestly, you can't blame him.


So the game IS aimed towards a casual audience.

Yet, some guys are calling sitlab a "casual" because he didn't liked the game.

I mean, really? Come on.

@Vesemir edit:

You're saying GT5 isn't aimed at casual gamers, yet, the game is forgiving, and aims towards a casual audience.

That's my point.

Vesemir2706d ago (Edited 2706d ago )

So people can learn how to play.
Once you go through the basics, you're ready for the real deal.

Those who aren't able to go through the basics, are probably casual players.

Imagine if a game like Bayonetta put you through the hardest level in the first run. Most people would run scared of it.

@Neckbear= You're not making any sense. Be mindful in the future. I'm not blaming anyone. I'm just saying this game is not for him. Which is true.

raztad2706d ago (Edited 2706d ago )

Some are more casuals than others. I totally appreciate the game help me a bit to progress w/o killing the realistic handling.


It shouldnt be so hard to understand that not all casuals are the same. Hardcore GT fans would also like damage to be unlocked from the get go, but truth is it would have made the game unplayable for newcomers, damage is also mechanical.

feelintheflow2706d ago

So why not make the damage physics an option in the settings? That would alleviate all the nonsense about it. Hardcore GT fans could have it on right away, and casuals that find it too difficult could turn it down a bit. For a game that is supposed to be the end all be all, you would think that it could be an option. This is my first post about GT5 since it came out. I am enjoying the game, the graphics in 80% of the game are as perfect as I have ever seen. I would have rather had 300 premium cars and left out the 800 low res cars, but hey I understand nothing is perfect. 9.5 out of 10 for me, but I understand why some people wouldn't like it, or act disappointed since it has been hyped by HD video clip after video clip for months. Not for everyone.

Baka-akaB2706d ago


I have troubles believing hardcore gt fans would be wanting to rush with everything unlocked from the get go , to get your groove on in quickplay or whatever .

Hell i remember when driving licenses where introduced . Who complained that you had to go through them ? Hardly the hardcore fans .

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callahan092706d ago

What are you on about, sitlab? If you don't think you'll ever get to level 2, it means you don't intend to ever play the game. You can get to level 2 in about 10 minutes. Every race you participate in gets you experience, even if you come in last place.

How can something you never had any interest in playing fail to deliver for you?

FunAndGun2706d ago


You are NOT a gamer.

Did you pick up your first controller this gen?

Parapraxis2706d ago

Haha, that's what I was thinking.
Sitlab does have a tendency to be trollish though, maybe he's just 12?

Dee_912706d ago (Edited 2706d ago )

lol yea hes gtta be a preteen
because whole time i was reading his comment i was like ... wtf ? either he never played the game and just enjoy trolling on sites because his life is pointless
hes a younger child

ive been playing GT since 98 .. I was 8 .. if GT5 started me out with a super car on a difficult track I wouldve sucked ass .. Your statement is invalid ..

yess2706d ago (Edited 2706d ago )

Maby you should just stick to reading reviews, instead of writing.

skrug2706d ago

Did you spend more time writing the review than playing the game? LOL

Redempteur2706d ago (Edited 2706d ago )

for the casual gamer like yourleft you can spend all your time in arcade mode ...

James Vanderbeek2706d ago

two words for u buddy. douche bag!!!! this is why games suck these days. people complain its too hard. blah blah.. go play kinact or something

Duxer2706d ago

@ #2.1.1
That's why you have arcade mode.

Holeran2706d ago

@sitlab have you ever tried a flight simulator? this game is trying to achieve a driving simulator, not a arcade simulator. Whoever told you to buy this game over those kinds of games know nothing about this game obviously. This is meant to give you a completely different feel and a completely different gameplay, which it does and it does well.

Kon_Artist 2706d ago


if you bought gt5. you should of known what you were getting yourself into.

this isnt need for speed or motorstorm or forza.

UKdoaney2706d ago

you obv dont like car racing games so why should gt5 do it for u?

NarooN2706d ago



It says "THE REAL DRIVING SIMULATOR" on the damn box. NEVER has GT been an arcade series with arcade gameplay. The only thing "Arcadey" about "Arcade" mode is the fact that you simply pick a car(s), pick a track, and you fucking race. You're a moron if you think you can buy a flight sim and get Ace Combat gameplay.

NotChrisHansen2706d ago

it's okay, you just suck at playing

chainer30002706d ago

so many people feeding the trolls...

vhero2706d ago

Erm like 4 driving license tests gets you to level 2 @sitlab you fail.
I'm level 11 now and actually dreading the costs that will come with lvl 40 I mean I don't really crash or play bumper cars but it feels like a feature that you shoudl be able to turn off as all those Forza comparers wanted it nobody else. Hell thanks to those idiots who wanted damage the game took a lot longer to make.

peeps2705d ago

No to mention in forza you have the option to rewind at any point at no cost = not actually any penalty for crashing and you should never lose a raise on that game.

That sounds like a go at forza, it's not cus i enjoy forza too, but the rewind feature certainly takes any risk out of the damage in forza

peeps2705d ago

So sitlab bought a sim racer and but doesn't like it cus he doesn't like sim racers...

You can't really blame a game for delivering what it's supposed to, but what it delivers isn't to your taste...

MTEC82705d ago

Wow sitlab,

Completing a 2 min profile was to much to ask for, why bother spending 10 min writing a story about how hard it was to create a profile. Save yourself some time and the bs and go troll elsewhere.

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Neckbear2706d ago (Edited 2706d ago )

Oh, come on. I thought we all moved on the stupid internet speak that promotes such uses of said words.

...Guess not, what a shame.

Anyways, that aside, I can't help but feel that the idea of "unlocking" damage makes the game seem too forgiving, and it's kinda silly, overall.

Should've just put a "hardcore" mode or something. Ah well, at least they're patching it for the Arcade Mode.

Also, looking at the videos with some kind of damage, I can't help but feel that a crash at those speeds would do WAY more damage, as well as basically make the feature of continuing to race something impossible.

Really, if you're aiming for a simulator, the idea of crashing at 150 MPH and just having a light hit in your car as a result seems kinda odd.

Parapraxis2706d ago (Edited 2706d ago )

TLDR; epic fail comment.

AntBoogy902706d ago

I can see why you have little to no bubbles. Bahahaha.

MGRogue20172706d ago

Gotta' wait for the living creature to evolve some more.. in a few weeks, I guess.

Der_Kommandant2706d ago (Edited 2706d ago )

You mean fail damage like this...

Vesemir2706d ago (Edited 2706d ago )

I see. The image quality in this pic have been dumbed down 1000x down.
Or maybe his TV device is a real cheap one, without HD support.

Parapraxis2706d ago (Edited 2706d ago )

lol ancient SDTV.