Rumour Bust: PSP Lite Will Ship With Video Cables

SPOnG can happily confirm that, despite rumours to the contrary, the PSP Lite will ship with video cables from launch in the UK.

It's not all sunshine and laughter, however. The other part of the rumour, which was allegedly prompted by comments from a GAME representative, has been confirmed. "...we won't have the White SKU until October", the Sony rep told us. Nightmare - as long as the Red Spider-Man and yellow Simpsons colour combinations are available then we at Spong can just about live with it.

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OutLaw4118d ago

It should be out around September 10. I ordered one with, just put bundle in their search and it will come up for sale.

ShiftyLookingCow4118d ago

also getting mine from amazon with jeanne d'arc

TeaDouble_E4118d ago

I want to get the black one, Im just hopping the system doesn't get scratches like the PS3 surface : (

BlackCountryBob4118d ago

So can someone tell me why Sony said it would be in the UK/EU before everywhere else, they confirmed at Leipzig it would be out here on September 5th but EVERY major British retailer says it is not out until September 14th?

Good news about the cables though.

TheMART4118d ago

Nice. I am waiting for the white one. Then get homebrew running and connect it with my white 360.

That would be major funny. Because a black PS3 doesn't match with a white PSP :P

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