Sakaguchi: "I have no regret" with The Last Story

Nintendo Universe writes:

Seasoned game director and producer Hironobu Sakaguchi has further discussed progress with The Last Story, the latest title from his Mistwalker studio, during which he has stated “I have no regret.”

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Masamori Sumimura2787d ago

Last story's gonna kick ass. I want Lost Odyssey on the Xbox but I dont have money :(.

NovusTerminus2787d ago

Same, plan on getting The Last Story as well. Looks great.

darkcharizard2787d ago

You know, Sakamoto had a LOT of faith in his Metroid: Other M and Warren Spector has a lot of faith in Epic Mickey. But they definetly didn't live up to peoples expectations(ie 85+ metascore).

Just hope that's not the case with this game.

Game-ur2786d ago

Is there a western release date for this game and Xenoblade?

Eamon2786d ago

The story of Lost Odyssey kinda sucked but the gameplay was amazingly nostalgic. Almost like a HD FF game.

While the gameplay of The Last Story won't be like Final Fantasy, I'm hoping Sakaguchi creates a better story this time.

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Seedhouse2787d ago

I just hope the release date isn't too far behind that for Japan.

I don't want to be waiting until the end of next year :(

MicroSony4Life2786d ago

Last Story is the one game that I am jealous of the Wii owners for. I will try to hold out from buying a Wii but this game is not making it easy.

Rage_S902786d ago

this guy knows his rpgs unlike some *looks bemusingly at square*

Knushwood Butt2786d ago

Let's see how well it sells before he goes on about not having regrets.

Mastodon2785d ago

Its not about the sales. JRPG sales are meaningless - its mainly about the quality of the game. It seems most westerners judge games on sales. RPG wise everyone always thinks in Final Fantasy terms but they are a very lonely exception to the rule.

n4f2786d ago

nice and its comming from honorable sakaguchi
i cant wait to play final fant- oups i mean the last story
edit:calling it final fantasy is insulting the game i am sorry

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MaN_uTd2787d ago (Edited 2787d ago )

He haz no regret? D:

TOO PAWNED2787d ago

who cares about some Wii game. If it was on Wii2 then okey,

MicroSony4Life2786d ago (Edited 2786d ago )

I totally disagree with your statement and if you have been following this game you would know that the gameplay and story stands out from any other game on the market right now - it might not have the Final Fantasy eye candy but when you have very solid gameplay with a stellar story ,graphics does not matter.

Edit - NV saw your avatar and know why you dont care about this game. Enjoy your Brown/Gray/Green shooter.

kesvalk2786d ago

wow! they have green on FPSes now?

MicroSony4Life2786d ago (Edited 2786d ago )

Double post.

Mods delete.

Redempteur2786d ago

@TOO P....

The wii has good games ..didn't you get the memo ? th ehighest rate game of the year is a wii title ( galaxy 2 )

i know you're trolling but i'll just say this .every console now has plenty of ggood titles in every genre the hate is stupid

Genecalypse2786d ago

Wish it was multiplat, ah well

Yangus2786d ago (Edited 2786d ago )

I say Last Story cool and great jrpg,respect Mr Sakaguchi!

OFF:Only rumor?,Resident Evil 6 Wii exklusive confirmed VGA dec.12.

Wii finished?

And Dragon Quest X.......

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