Fatal Fury Special Screenshots

These are some newly released pictures for the upcoming XBOX Live Arcade fighter.

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Genki4123d ago

I hope they release the Real Bout games later as well. SNK made some really good fighters in their heyday...

Bloodmask4123d ago

made some of the best fighters ever. I just read an article about how a lot of members of SNK were former Capcom employees.

I've always thought SNK had more talented artists than Capcom. SNK has more of a realistic edge to it's style. I have all the SNK games on my MAME emulator but I would buy them again just for the online play.

I know they will release alot of fighters but SNK also has some of the best shooters ever that would also be a great addition. One personal favorite being Last Resort. I would also love to see the Samurai Shodown series on Live Arcade.