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Without a doubt Gran Turismo 5's strong point is on the road, whatever road that may be. I found myself scurrying from event to event enjoying whatever this game threw at me. Nascar, Go-Carts, you name it, and GT5 handles it all exceptionally well. If you own a PS3 it's a should get. If you like the racing games in the slightest it's a game that will usher in a rekindled romance with the genre. GT5 exceeded most of my expectations of what a racer could or should be this gen. Polyphony stayed true to it's roots, and some may say too true to it's roots, but fans of the series will find themselves right back in the saddle in bigger and better fashion.

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FishCake9T42789d ago

GT5 is an amazing game IMO. Yes it does have its flaws e.g weather not being on every track, not all the cars are premium etc etc but when it comes down to it, its an amazing racing game. Im level 19 right now and the game is really starting to pick up as now im racing Super GT cars and such.Most of these reviews who gave it a f+cking 7 are probably still noobs who have not even completed the beginner races and are still level 5.
The game is a 9.4 IMO. 0.6 minus for some of the flaws i mentioned.

Game-ur2789d ago

Looks like the more late the reviews are, the better appreciation of the game.

poe2789d ago

I think IGN knows WTH they are talking about. They probably were too lenient on the game. I havent played it but from what it sounds like its probably a 70-75 game at best. Problems with online, problems with damage, problems with weather, problems with in car interiors, problems with graphics, problems with flying cars I think someone posted that on N4G too. Too many problems. I dont buy games to buy problems, I rent games with problems.

LeeRoyJenkins2789d ago

I havent played the game but.. why even feel the need to put a score on a game that you havent played or never intend to play. Does it make you feel better about your Kinected future? Rest assured. Forza Kinect will suck the sweat from a camel's balls and anyone with an Xbox 360 will be shamed with mark of Forza Kinect. Disagree now. But you will be shamed with the mark regardless. It will be horrendous.

Neckbear2789d ago

Exactly, bro.

I'd say that a game with a good number of flaws shouldn't get anything higher than a 7.

But hey, we've also seen buggy games getting 8, 9s and hell, even Game of the Year awards.

If a game has a flaw, they should lower the score. If the game has ALOT of flaws, the score should be REALLY low.

Well, that's how I think reviews are supposed to be, anyways.


IGN proves more there IGNorance.

No FanS Land2789d ago

problems with flying cars :P (it was actual jump and the photographer tricked out the photo using different aperture) better luck next time,

facelike2789d ago


You haven't played the game, I have. It is a 95/100.

I can say I listen and read IGN all the time, and I find I disagree with most of their opinions regarding games. They all admittedly don't like racing games, sports games and particularly God of War. They said before all the motion controls were released this year that they all loved Kinect and thought Move was going to suck. This was on their Playstaion podcast, and after they were both released, they quickly changed their tune and praised Move.

They represent a section of gamers, but they don't represent any games I like to play. Chris Roper, who used to work there, had game tastes like mine, and I would trust his opinion. The people there now, not at all.

Immortal3212789d ago

"Six months ago, I wouldn't have dreamed that I would be saying that the graphics in Gran Turismo 5 are resoundingly average. With nearly every other PlayStation exclusive pushing the boundaries of graphical fidelity"

raztad2789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )

" It actually looks amazing at times"

And if you want an in-depth analysis:

"in terms of the basic graphical make-up of the game, the level of detail Polyphony Digital crams into a 60Hz refresh effortlessly seems to exceed the quality of many, if not most, of the 30FPS racers out there"

Vesemir2789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )

And if it is a game that the qualities overthrown the flaws it should get an even higher score yet.

acedoh2789d ago

I have a friend who was on the fence with this game. When I sent him a pic I took last night he was sold. This game is easily a 9.5 for me. It has brought back my love of cars so much. I just have to be careful when I am in my own car now... It seems my foot has got a little heavier on the gas.

ShinMaster2789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )


You people have played games before that half twice the bugs and glitches and had no problem with them because the game was good enough in your opinions.
Yet you come here and complain about "flaws" from a game you guys never played and are little informed about?

GTFO of here with that BS.
GT5 deserves much more than a 7 or 8.

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iPad2789d ago

When I get this game, I dont know where to start. It has so much content. Is like instead of doing a race, i could be doing something else.


DigitalAnalog2789d ago

"features and cars that only a professional driver could handle. And it does this so well. Real time damage progressively gets harder and gives the player another reason to keep at least two wheels on the track at all times. Dealing with repairs and other vehicle damage in the latter stages of the game is one thing I'm glad I wasn't tasked with doing while I was still wet behind the ears."

VERY GOOD. He acknowledges the damage getting progressive.

-End of Line

math2789d ago

The career mode starts out so slow. Still fun. I'm level 10 right now and I have played for like 8 hours. Its going to take forever to complete aspec.

FishCake9T42789d ago

If you want to level up fast do the special events.

math2789d ago

I did the ones that I could already do. thx.

LF912789d ago

I tell you what, the top gear special event the one where you drive the lotus is solid. Every time i turn a corner the car skids out of control, its hard to handle. Any tips on how to do that event? It would be much appreciated cheers!

talltony2789d ago

the lotus top gear event really isnt too bad. Its more up to you not crashing than the actual speed of the other drivers. Just slow down around corners and over take them after 2nd right turn and the last left turn.

SasanovaS19872789d ago

i barely got 5th place with that lotus. that challenge made me hate the lotus in general. garbage handling. my tip is to ease up on the break and dont just slam it, but rather slowly decrease speed while maintaining maximum speed of every corner. to give you a clue, you have to pass about 2 cars on the first turn alone by squeezing through them, then you have to pass many on the second turn and be at least 8th position by the second straight away, then become about 6th on the turn where you slam the breaks again and go inbetween cones, then its just passing 1 last guy for the rest of the trial

facelike2789d ago


It's not so much the Lotus as it is the tires. It sucks we cant change them on that challenge, but that's why it is a challenge. It's not impossible, just takes some serious skill. I say this and I still haven't been able to do it yet, needed to take a break after a while and work on some other races.

LF912789d ago

cheers guys! bubbles for all of of you that replied.

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ALFAxD_CENTAURO2789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )

'' And it does this so well. Real time damage progressively gets harder and gives the player another reason to keep at least two wheels on the track at all times. Dealing with repairs and other vehicle damage in the latter stages of the game is one thing I'm glad I wasn't tasked with doing while I was still wet behind the ears.''

See what are the differences?

A deep review, knowing how the damage system works and how the reparation works and more deep review.

Unlike IGNorant.

wissam2789d ago


You rent GT5 from what I heard the game can took months to be completed.what a troll.

Xusuyzus2789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )

Here is my beauty

LOL!!! I just seem to realize,..
fuck I think I may have bumped it a little on the first picture :))
here comes repairs,..

Der_Kommandant2789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )

Take a look at this impressive damage modelling

Masterchef20072789d ago

Do some cars in forza really look like that?

Masterchef20072789d ago

nice pics looks better than any racer i have seen

Xusuyzus2789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )

Ok now I kinda really hit it hard,..In arcade mode,.

aint doing that again soon,.. I think I might need to repair it,.. in carrier mode,.. but I'm not sure,.. because I am only level 12,..

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