Target Cyber Monday Sale Live Now

"The Target Cyber Monday Sale is online right now!

Free shipping on all sale items!

Highlights include:

•Kinect Sensor w/ Dance Central + 1600 Points Card - $199 (Save $20)
•Nintendo Wii Console - Black - and Wii Fit Plus with Balance Board Bundle - $279.98 (Save $20)
•plus more..."

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Cheeseknight282703d ago

With the exception of the Kinect bundle, there really isn't anything of note here.

ABizzel12703d ago

Most retailers sales are generally lame on Cyber Monday (those that are actually physical stores), because they have their best stuff on Black Friday, I say they need to just extend their Black Friday sales and make that the same as Cyber Monday.

To take advantage of Cyber Monday, you need to go to an online only retailer. Amazon for example had 30% off you total purchase of $150 or more.

FrankenLife2702d ago

You are better off going to Amazon.

NeoSprtacus2703d ago (Edited 2703d ago )

That... that sounds awesome.

CrzyFooL2703d ago

shit deals. FU TARGET I'm goin to the Wal Maert!!

navysealrb2703d ago

Learn to spell before you attack something. :D

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