Armored Core 5 - Why I'm Excited

GamersGameplay: Being a fan of the Armored Core series it's always good to hear that they are making another one. There aren't enough games these days about giant robots with giant weapons destroying each other. Armored Core 5 from what I've seen is looking really good. It's adding a lot of dramatic changes to the series, and I think for the better.

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Neckbear2607d ago

Although honestly, I disagree with him when he says For Answer is the best in the series. It's a good step in the right direction, indeed, but no AC game until now has surpassed Last Raven.

That, and when he mentions AC5 is going to be faster, well...they actually said they'd be going down to the older AC mechanics with -very- limited EN and slower-paced.

Honestly, I'm exited about it too, and I hope we see an overseas release next year.

OtakuRockU2607d ago

I didn't really say For Answer was the best in the series, I just said it was my favorite. It certainly is one of the best in the series though. Last Raven looks really good, but sadly I haven't gotten the chance to play it yet.

I know the producer Nabeshima mentioned he wasn't going to make the mechs faster because players would have trouble keeping up with mach speed combat. What I meant when I said it would play faster was speculation.

I do think though the mechs will feel faster being smaller in bigger environments. More accurately though I mean they should be more agile (also speculation). It's great to see your excited about it too.

It's always good to see another AC fan, it sometimes feels like there aren't too many of us anymore. I'm really excited for the new online modes, hope to play with you sometime.

Neckbear2607d ago

Indeed, AC fans (Hell, Mech fans as a whole) are kind of a dying breed, sadly. Ah well, usually, people who like these games are really nice.

I think your speculation isn't far off, since they mentioned bigger, more dynamic enviorments (Well, compared to the mech), and honestly, I can't wait for it!

I'll probably get it for PS3, and man, looking at how small (but awesome) the AC fanbase is, they should just do cross-platform online. Too bad that's something pretty hard to do, oh well.

And, as I said through the comments on GamersGameplay, you should give Last Raven a chance when you can. Be ready for one of the hardest Armored Core games, though.

Matthew942606d ago (Edited 2606d ago )

"people who like these games are really nice."
" how small (but awesome) the AC fanbase is"

someone has a (huge) chip on their shoulder

Palodios2606d ago

I've been a big fan of the series for quite some time. But... making mechs smaller will change the game dramatically for the better? The only real effect is that it will scale everything else to be bigger.

And faster gameplay? The last few entries have been so frantic, that they've been nearly impossible to play for casual gamers. Making it faster would make this game even more niche than it already is, and make heavy/tank builds completely irrelevant.

ThanatosDMC2606d ago (Edited 2606d ago )

I love 4 Answer! AC4 sucked though. Cant wait for AC5. I love the fast pace gameplay they gave the game and the explosions and tons of missiles. One thing they need to fix is tank legs and quad legs since humanoid legs and reverse jointed are far superior.

I hope it's full co-op this time. My gf had heavy weapons, heavy shields, high AP, etc while i was light, high boosters, dual machine guns, and high shields.

Dark_king2606d ago

Tank legs are the best.Can store any Arm weapons as the sub.Use far less energy,quite quick if tuned and balanced right.Always thought the standard legs were to weak.

ThanatosDMC2606d ago

Yeah, but battles dont last as long and speed is more important since after the shields go down tank AP and def doesnt matter. Horrizontal boost and quick boosts are limited for tank tracks.

Yeah, it uses less energy but it's best to use ballistic weapons instead of energy weapons against other players. Energy weapons usually have better shield penetration but it's better to destroy the shield and get to the hull and do the most damage.

Put a slug gun or shotgun or chaingun on a Next and have your tank and it'll destroy it's primal armor so fast and then a shotgun blast or slug gun blast will do so much damage to the tank. I really wish they made defense stats actually matter just like how they were pre-AC4.

Dark_king2606d ago

again tank legs are great for close range I always weigh the Left side down so I can turn that direction quickly.Actually can do a complete 180 if you want it to.But getting near me at any point will get you over 20000(30000 if your good with the one piston blade) damage with each blade.But honestly Tank legs are made for long range combat over close range.They can fly forever with the right tuning allowing you to easily fight from the sky evading all attacks.But I agree defence stats should actually matter more.

ThanatosDMC2605d ago

Damn, we have completely different builds... we should fight! Though it's been a while since i've played AC4A. I hate people who use Kojima weapons + lag online. He disappears on screen and next thing i know im close to dying.

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Dark_king2606d ago

My only problem with the AC4 games was the lack of parts.Seemed like a step down from the selection we got on the PS2/PS1 games.That and no mic support for 4 on the PS3.I loved the speed the air combat was great(Love dancing in the sky with blades)loved the weapons.Just always wanted more weapons and parts,hundreds more.I really enjoyed the stabilizers and how they affected performance.Most of all the decal system,I spent more time making them look good then fighting in them.I would like the decal system to be able to do all that Mod nation racers can do.Could make some great looking Cores with that decal system.

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soundslike2606d ago

why do they always REFUSE to build any sort of environment that surpasses the level of detail in a ps1 game

its just years of development down the drain...

SkullBlade1692606d ago

The irritating thing that I found was the fact that we don't seem to get those huge maze-style bases which were in AC1 any-more.

I used to actually enjoy attempting to navigate those bases while not running out of ammunition.

moe842606d ago

The first AC on the PSX was awesome. The two little standalone/addon sequels were pretty good. But none of them had the story/solo play AC had. Mostly just multi player fill.

For me, the AC games that came on the ps2/3 lacked the fun of the original.

XRider2606d ago

Would rather have another Chromehounds

SkullBlade1692606d ago

I didn't enjoy AC4/AC:For Answer nearly as much as I did with the earlier games.

AC1, AC2, AC2:AA, AC3 are all much better than AC4 in my opinion. Not saying AC4 is a bad game, but I really do prefer the older style of the games. I am glad that AC5 is going back to the classic style.

Never played Silent Line and Nexus, so I can't comment on them.

AC4 is a good game, but it just didn't seem like Armored Core to me.

Godmars2902606d ago

Never realized it before now, but they did need to tone down the scale. Aside from the more arcade feel, the only direction they were going is where you only could fight instillations.

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