AI Comparison - GT5 vs. Forza 3

The video shows how both games AI opponents react to an obstacle.

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Ezio20482454d ago

gt5 is the best racing game ever!!!!!!!!!!!

aceitman2454d ago (Edited 2454d ago )

Oh!! ok , When u compare something put it in the same view . plus gt5 is set at beginning stage where ai is not to smart.

Dante1122454d ago

Lol, come on now. Skip to 2:10. The driver here swayed into oncoming cars, parked and even drove head on and the AI still missed him.

^On top of that, you can choose to lower that AI setting much like in GT5p.

ComboBreaker2454d ago

after they have reach level 40 in GT5.

ConanOBrien2454d ago Show
RIP_Weazel2454d ago (Edited 2454d ago )

Symptoms include,
being "unbearable"
"babbling inside a self created delusion bubble"?

Wrong diagnosis there doc.
Those are all symptomatic with "ass-hat troll-itis", and I hope you have medical insurance, as from the look of things, you seem to have contracted a heavy dose pal.

zootang2453d ago

GT5 = 16 cars

Forza 3 = 8 cars

That says it all for me!

mamotte2453d ago


F-Zero GX = 30 cars

GT5 = 16 cars

Forza 3 = 8 cars

Am I getting this right?

zootang2453d ago (Edited 2453d ago )

No point

thief2453d ago

Use your mind please
F-zero is a fabulous game, but its last gen, in 480i, much lower level of effects and visuals.
Its like saying Dynsaty warriors has far more enemies on screen compared to God of War 3, hence its better

8-bit2453d ago (Edited 2453d ago )

How come no one noticed that in GT5 he put the car right on the line where traffic passes and in Forza he put the car to the left of the dark part of the road where cars frequently drive? I call BS on this one. Do the video again and put the Forza car on the darker part of the road and see what happens.

Why are people going out of there way to make these kind of comparisons when they aren't even going to do them fairly?

Neckbear2453d ago


He was just using reverse logic, as it seems like zootang likes to think that the more cars the better.


So now, "no point"?

Ahahahahah. Jesus.

lastdual2453d ago (Edited 2453d ago )


Actually, it's hard to see, but the car is right on the racing line in both instances. If you look closely you can see the triangles of the Forza line.

Anyways, I hear that GT5's AI gets better at advanced stages, but they should have probably had smarter AI right from the start. It's never as fun racing against dumb opponents, and there are better ways to balance difficulty.

zootang2453d ago (Edited 2453d ago )


We want to advance not stagnate. Would that not mean more cars on screen at better quality which GT5 has? Have you even played GT5?

yess2453d ago

In GT5 they put the car in the direct racing line, and Forza sligtly outside racing line to create the illusion that the cars try to avoid collision.

Another fail...

Game on..

thief2453d ago

But the cars comparison does make sense in GT vs Forza, as more cars means more taxing on AI. Its like having 2 opponents versus 6 at any time in a shooter game.

In any case, whether you agree with the AI levelling approach or not, its fair to say that you have to compare GT5 AI after level 40 to make a comparison. And I haven’t heard anyone deny that at that level, GT5 AI/damage is better than Forza – which is impressive considering that supposed to Forza’s strong point, while GT5 is indisputably superior in graphics, car detail,, physics, handling.

TheBest2453d ago (Edited 2453d ago )

Unlock the AI skill at higher levels and then do a comparison:

Damn gaming media don't actually play games before they have opinions on them. It's like watching 3/4 of a movie and doing a review on it, or listening to half a music CD and doing a review on it.

Hideo_Kojima2452d ago

Play B-Spec and you will realize how smart the AI is...

On B-Spec when the drivers are pressured they start making more mistakes. They get pressured when they are near other cars and they calm down when they are leading the race.

The AI is fine the only problem is that in the beginner levels the AI is retarded.

I think PD should have let you chose a level from the start and let you play from there on instead of doing what they did because a lot of people are complaining about damage etc...

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JsonHenry2453d ago

Yeah, but does GT5 allow to you play across three monitors/TVs? :)

Mustang300C20122453d ago

Actually yes it does along with GT4 as well I believe

CernaML2453d ago

Wow shinobix. You sure are quick to assume that GT5 doesn't have multi screen support without having absolutely any piece of evidence. GT4 supported multi screen. Why wouldn't GT5 support it? We already saw interesting tech demos of FOUR PS3's powering GT5 for either a ridiculously huge resolution or extremely fast frame rates of 240hz.

Hideo_Kojima2452d ago

Gran Turismo 5 Gaming on a Six LCD?

Unnecessary but WOW!!!

The 6 screens should be around the player so that you could look around the full 360 degrees.

Imagine how awesome it would be to turn and look behind to see if there are any cars coming.

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vhero2453d ago

Okay I don't really get the point of this as who rides in reverse?? If anything this means it's harder to pass cars in GT5 which would make it more realistic when driving the right way! Whereas Forza the cars move out your way and let you pass them..

Lavagasm2453d ago

@yess: Actually if you look at the video, you'll see the green lines (indicating the best racing route) are leading straight to the car in the Forza capture, just like the GT5 capture.

likedamaster2453d ago

Even video proof won't convince the GT fanboy.

Hideo_Kojima2452d ago

It won't because I was trying this last night and the AI went around me :S

However when I tried it on a sharp turn the AI didn't see me and drive into me.

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moegooner882454d ago

A user posted this video regarding Forza 3 AI on Gamespot forums:

MaximusPrime2454d ago

lol, now that's what i called failed simulator-wannabe

Hideo_Kojima2452d ago

lmao I love how the SUB just drives of after like nothing happened when all the cars behind him totaled themselves.

Shadow Flare2454d ago (Edited 2454d ago )

Lmao I thought forzas AI was supposed to be better? I guess it's not

visualb2453d ago


those are early level AI's "gamer" dude (trollerdude)

point is, AI increases as you progress.

don't think thats good? take it up with PD, it was their choice.

but its a fact, or do you say that the AI in your video vs the AI in alojuanjo's video is the exact same? =P

you people just don't get it. you're like politicians changing facts:

early GT5 AI sucks
late GT5 AI is...well its perfectly fine

disagree with this?

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