How To Be A Stone Cold Killer In Assassin’s Creed Multiplayer

These ten tips and strategies for Brotherhood's multiplayer game will have you winning matches in no time.

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The Matrix2642d ago

Good tips. I beasted the first day Brotherhood came out but now everyone knows how to play.

MaxOpower2642d ago

Really can't agree with this guy.....

"Stun Isn’t Worth It…Most of the Time"

So not true! I get most of my points stunning, and I get a lot of points....

Neo Nugget2642d ago

I've tried to stun people only to get stuck with a rather unpleasant counter.

Stuns are slower than kills. If both of you are pressing the button at the same time, the stunner will die.

Jaces2642d ago (Edited 2642d ago )

I like hunting the hunters, there's nothing more satisfying than watching your pursuer pass you by when your on a bench and coming up behind him with a stun.

I did have one stun that went oddly wrong. I came up behind my target silently and hit stun then all of the sudden during the stun sequence my target flipped me completely over his shoulder and killed wtf?


MaxOpower2642d ago

Smoke bombs are the key to a successful stun.

BeOneWithTheGun2642d ago

Hey, need some good friends on PSN for this. I played a match or two but mainly SP. If you are doing MP and want to add me please do.


I believe in team work, no racisim or any of that crap. Mature gamers, please.


MGRogue20172642d ago (Edited 2642d ago )

Multiplayer on AC: Brotherhood is a ton of fun!

It's just like CoD: Black Ops's MP where you can level up & unlock new skills, new characters, new customization stuff..

I didn't expect it to be this good as I was just planning on completing the single-player & then trading in the game but I went on the MP & I really enjoy it.

I'm about to go on it now, actually.. it's very addictive. If anyone has completed the single-player, try out the Multiplayer! It will make you want to keep the game instead of selling or trading it in. :)

Neo Nugget2642d ago

I kinda wish the matches went for 15 minutes. Time flies by :(

Manhunt is my favorite game mode. Wanted is good, but I hate stalking somebody only to get stabbed in the face.

Quagmire2641d ago

Lol, thats the best part. Keeps you on your toes, and is very intense and will make you a tad bit paranoid.

Riveting stuff really. Activision can suck it.

Nicaragua2642d ago

Good article.

This game reminds me a lot of MGO in that its a bit more cerebral than your average multiplayer game.

VenGencE9992642d ago

Regardless of your system of choice, I recommend everyone to pick AC:BH up! The MP is so good I've barely touched the SP, and you know the SP is gonna be good.
All his tips will lead you to finishing in the top three the majority of the time...