TSA | Review: Pigsy’s Perfect 10

The DLC takes place before Pigsy meets up with Trip and Monkey in Enslaved, and starts with a rather sad scene indeed. You see, despite being an all-round super dude, Pigsy has no one to talk to. The monotony of his predictable daily grind is getting him down, and all he really wants is a buddy to spend time with. In a ‘Eureka’ moment (that involves a light-bulb actually smashing him upside his head) Pigsy decides to build a friend; his ‘Perfect 10′. After slaving away creating blueprints, sourcing parts, and eating whole chickens it turns out Pigsy is missing three key items for making his perfect pal. With a tangible sense of excitement he packs his trusty grapple hook, gun, and some cheesecake and heads out to track down what he needs.

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