Don't Complain That Games All Look the Same, Play Something Else

There's a lot of variety out there in gaming...if you're willing to look.

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longcat2793d ago

I may eventually get a wii simply to play "A boy and his Blob"

NecrumSlavery2793d ago

The boy from that game looks like the Limbo boy.

ratsrock2793d ago

*claps* i just read the first line and i was about to flame yoy so fucking hard... but you get it, you are completely right. gameplay is indeed, or at least should be the means of existence for a game. it shouldn't even be an issue, but it is for many gamers and developers alike. also you did not go off completely with the subject of games-just-for-fun, that would mean vidya-as-non-art but i won't go off on that tangent. but you are mistaken in the part where you said that uncharted and halo are good. the games graphics surpassed its gameplay, there were somany fucking cut scenes it might as well be a movie game was not present, only after the very long cut scenes. but this is subjective. what is not, is that some developers should stop making games and go to hollywood to make movies. if you return your games b/c of bad graphics or if you keept it b/c you liked the story, you are the reason that the videogame industry is rotting inside-out. we are not storytellers (we are more like scientists and psychologist and shit) if you want a story catch a movie or hit a book. we don't make stories we are all about interactivety, you know? gameplay! that thing that vidyas are suppose to be be about? thumbs-down my ass bitches! yeah, i'm butt-hurt!!

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Cajun Chicken2793d ago

Look, I've had this idea recently. For those who know me, they know that I like a game with an original concept a lot of the time. I've been proposing this idea of a website that reviews games not only on graphics, gameplay and sound. But a large focus on character design, narrative and concept.
The idea would to have an overall mark for the game as a piece of entertainment and and a second review purely based on concept, risk and execution and ignoring the downfalls in the graphics and gameplay, games such as Dark Void, Matt Hazard, The Maw, Cellfactor, past games such as Alter Echo, Eve of Extinction and Haven plus other games that often get lost in the crowds when trying to be different. This would allow games which are 'risky' to get a fair review for being original instead of ignoring the risk and originality developers put forward.

Is anyone interested in this becoming a reality? Just wondering, it's just an idea.

MrBubble2793d ago

Sounds like a good idea
I love games like flower
to bad on psn i was playing it and some one said i was a woman because i was playing flower

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