Never Played Minecraft? - This is what you can expect.

A video preview of what to expect from the world of minecraft.

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captain-obvious2459d ago (Edited 2459d ago )

i did play mine craft but i dont think its addictive
or maybe its just me

longcat2459d ago

Yeah, the video explores that issue. A lack of instructions has put off a lot of people.

Try an online guide before you give up on it.

Dramscus2459d ago

It's pretty harsh in some aspects but too many games just hold your hand nowadays.
It's lack of story or antagonism in any way is what makes it so immersing and often times creepy. It didn't have any unnecessary story details to break immersion, no flashbacks or random talking. It's just you, on an island, full of animals and undead.

mrv3212459d ago

Minecraft Alpha last I recall has a tutorial button, albeit a non functional one... hopefully it'll be a simply.

Hit blocks to get stuff
Combine stuff to get better stuff

But not go too far, a lot of minecraft is discovery.

visualb2459d ago

im also interested in this game...but no mac version, and no patience to get PC version / no idea what its like / too much time consumed already, Im reluctant

but very interested =D keeping my eye on it for sure =)

zagibu2459d ago

What do you mean, no Mac Version? It's a java application...

eferreira2459d ago

id rather play game dev story

Arup022459d ago

I'm hearing about this game a lot, looks very funny indeed

FishCake9T42459d ago

Hello everyone, my name is Seananners !

soundslike2459d ago

I hope this game inspires a colonial survival horror game


1. Build log cabin by desecrating sacred forests

2. Defend log cabin from insulted angry native americans

3. smallpox

chilled2m2459d ago

hahah, that made me lol.

I would pay for that!

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