Complete world population killed in Black Ops

PSHype writes: "Since the release, Call of Duty: Black Ops is played by millions of people, which makes it the most popular online shooter. The fact that so many people play the game online has brought us some incredible scenes. What about the many "epic" Tomahawk and RC-XD kills? But because everyone has been killing for his life the past weeks, Black Ops has now reached a new milestone."

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SockMaster2731d ago

Might not be the most balenced game (well the most balenced game since cod4) but its damn addictive, There will always be complainers but the statistics speak for themselves!

Apart from a few problems, this is an awesome call of duty!

TOO PAWNED2731d ago

could said it better my self. I am not MP guy, i am all about SP, but i am addicted to BO, haven't touched SP yet. can't believe i am writing this

Brewski0072730d ago

Did it quicker than Swine Flu anyways.

JokesOnYou2730d ago

yeah been playing this game a minimum of 5hrs a day since it was released, fcking love it.

duplissi2730d ago

ya, i feel dirty.... i actually like black ops. i thought waw was mediocre and mw2 was a travesty, so i expected all cod games after cod4 to be rather poor.

technical issues aside black ops is pretty good, although im finding that i prefer more tactical and realistic games like bad company2.

kancerkid2730d ago

Hitler could have done it faster...

pixelsword2730d ago

Um, no: he tried and failed, like so many of his followers do to this day.

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JLeVRT2730d ago

the funny thing is... we killed off the worlds population about 3 weeks ago and theyre JUST noticing...

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DoomeDx2730d ago

I did buy the game,
but after playing for a total of 8 hours, im already done with it.

I dont know, just not my type of game.
CoD4 is pretty much the same, but with less customization.
Im happy enough with CoD4

Rezka2730d ago

"I dont know, just not my type of game.
CoD4 is pretty much the same, but with less customization.
Im happy enough with CoD4"

with the less customization are you f*cking retarded shut the f*ck up please your clearly an idiot

Ducky2730d ago

Calling other people retarded but not explaining why they're wrong.
True sign of intelligence.

DoomeDx2730d ago (Edited 2730d ago )

Dude take it easy!
Did i offend you because CoD is the only FPS you play?

CoD4 cannot be compared to Black Ops.
It has a diffrent feel to it.
CoD4 is less Running & Gunning.
Its much more slower paced.

Seriously dude, calm down! Just because my opinion is diffrent then yours, doesnt mean im retarded, and an idiot.

gamerdude1322730d ago (Edited 2730d ago )

DUDE. STFU. Not everyone has to love customization you prick. I also prefer CoD 4 over Black Ops. Do I like customization? Yes, but how about the fact that CoD 4 is much more polished in the multiplayer arena right now.

Bubble down for you.

sleepy32730d ago

I happen to like running and gunning. I direct you to elpresador's youtube channel.

Slow paced to me means turn the corner and get killed by some idiot camping and playing the game slow, getting into his spot in the corner and waiting for people to run across his screen. Not fun for me, i like to be Rambo.

Only time i play slow paced is in realistic tactical shooters like Ghost Recon (this new one with that invisibility crap, not sure i will get that though), not in games like Halo or Killzone with jetpacks.

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dorron2730d ago

I recently bought Modern Warfare 2 just beacause it was 20€ and came with a COD Classic PSN voucher.

I had to admit it had some amazing levels like the one called Whiskey Hotel, but all in all it was damn short and more of the same. Add to that that greedy bastard called Kotick and the (IMO) much better Battlefield BC 2 and I'm not buying another COD for a long time...

Active Reload2730d ago

I haven't bought a COD game since COD:MW, although I have played Zombie mode in WAW with my nephew. But,"damn short" is the reason I was turned off from this series. People said, "Its all about the online...". Thats fine for someone who doesn't get their online shooter fix outside of Activision's franchise, but not so much for everyone else.

DoomeDx2730d ago

Oh man BC2 is amazing!

My brother plays CoD pretty much all day on his Xbox.
When im playing on my PS3, he sometimes comes in my room, to bash my Playstation 3, and Bad Company 2.

''DUDEE! CoD Looks better!''
"LOL 50+ points for killing an enemy? They copied CoD"

So funny!

redDevil872730d ago

You have one chance to make a comment and thats all you say lol

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