ESRB releases rating summary for Square Enix’s mature-rated RPG, Lord of Arcana

The Entertainment Software Rating Board has released a rating summary for Square Enix’s upcoming mature-rated RPG, Lord of Arcana.

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i'll get this because the only other M rated Square game i know of is Parasite Eve. and it'll be another addition to my RPG collection from square over the years.

Neckbear2765d ago

You're forgettin' 'bout Cavia games, Drakengard and Nier.

Both are incredibly awesome, give them a try, as Vivi said.

No, really. They're of the best and most underrated games out there.


i totally forgot about drakengard lol.
thanks for that reminder. i loved that game.
and i want Nier so that'll be the first thing i get.

Arup022765d ago

I hope this will be better than FFXIII

Vivi2765d ago

^^ both of you try NIER

It's miles better then FFXIII.

Game had mixed reviews from 'journalists' but actual people who purchased the game were nothing but full of praise.

Just listen to the ost as well! (25 secs onwards is pure epicness)