gm+ | The Best Games of 2010.

"With the end of the year coming to an end in less than a month and a few days away. The question is ; what where the best games of 2010? Well, here's our pick over at GM+ of the best games 2010 (in our opinion)."

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Derekvinyard132761d ago

i agree with alot of this list, of course people arent going to like MOH, Enslaved and star wars on there and i have some i would like added on there but hey its there OP.

kooleybear2761d ago

Yeah, I put Medal of Honor on there because it pushed the boundaries of politics in gaming. Look at six days in Fellujah , and how it got turned down. And plus you'll be surprised at how good some of these games are.

rjdofu2761d ago

LOL when I see the Enslaved pic I was like: "WTF, is this a joke?". Now I know for sure cause they ditch GOW3, HeavyRain, etc. for the flopped SWTFU2.

xYLeinen2761d ago

I strongly disagree with games like FU2 and MoH when you got games like God of War 3 and AC: Brotherhood, Castlevania, Bad Company 2 which isn't even mentioned.

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Urmomlol2761d ago


The Force Unleashed 2 and Medal of Hnor?

Those were two of the biggest flops of 2010.

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The story is too old to be commented.