Amazon Cyber Monday has NBA 2K11 for $30

XMNR: Amazon has provided a slight peek into the video game deals they have planned for Cyber Monday. The list is short right now and contains only a single PS3 and Xbox 360 game with a short list for Nintendo DS.

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Crazyglues2793d ago (Edited 2793d ago )

NBA 2K11 for $30 bucks... oh hell yeah... that's an Awesome Deal..

Can't wait, I am indeed getting this... I don't know how you would not get this - the game is getting amazing reviews..

Not to mention NBA Elite has just up and disappeared, so even if you don't normally play Basketball games, this is too good to pass up..

Grab a copy, if for no other reason, do it because they put Jordan in the game, not only did they put him in the game but they re-did his whole career - this game is an instant classic..


ddurand12793d ago

thats cheap enough for me to take the plunge.

SuMtOnE2793d ago

dang if only the NBA JAM were included with this =)