Top 5 licensed tracks of the decade to make it into a video game

PSBeyond takes a look at some of the best licensed tracks to make it into a video game this decade

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Derekvinyard132456d ago

ok list. theres def a million more

Red_Orange_Juice2455d ago

to claim "Top" author must have heard all licensed track ever put in video games, I doubt thats what happened

RXL2455d ago

obscure and different for the sake of..

there were a lot better tracks...

fifty cent?..really?...shade shiest?..

i love hip hop..but those tracks were trash..

RyuDrinksTheDew2455d ago

ah man! when i play GTA:SA, i would always try to get America to play.

love that song!

Dsnyder2455d ago

50 cent sucks. Thats not even an opinion. He is just that bad.

HolyOrangeCows2455d ago

Nope, it's definitely a fact.

Ducky2455d ago

Are you one of those people that shot him?

EliteAssassin812455d ago

I love radio los santos in gta san andreas. It had some of the greatest rap music of all time.